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Non fault accident compensation claim

There is a lot of confusion about what is and what is not a non fault accident. Most people are aware that if they are injured as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault they can make a non fault accident compensation claim. They know exactly what to do – call a compensation provider like Accident Advice Helpline and start the claim.

However, showing who was at fault for an accident is far from straight forward. Sometimes, just because it is not obvious that someone has DONE something to cause an accident, it is assumed that it is a non fault accident. That is not strictly true. Accidents can sometimes be caused as a result of someone NOT doing something. Some examples to show this are given here.

Non fault accident compensation claim – slips, trips and falls

Many slips, trips and falls appear to be a non fault accident to begin with. After all, no-one actually pushed you over, so how can it be someone else’s fault? Well, organisations and businesses that are in charge of premises where the public are going to be walking around have a duty to make sure that those premises are safe. That includes a safe floor. So, if there is some sort of obstacle on the floor that you don’t expect to be there (e.g. a trailing cable) or if the floor is worn and damaged, you may be able to show that your fall was their fault. The important thing is to record as many details as you can about the accident and to tell Accident Advice Helpline about it as soon as you can. You can even take their 30-second test™ so that they can assess if your claim is likely to be successful. The highly trained professional advisers can help you with this.

Non fault accident compensation claim – work place accidents

A work place accident such as a fall from a height off a ladder can, at first, just seem like an extremely unfortunate non fault accident. All be it one that can result in very serious and even life threatening injuries. However, there are safety precautions that have to be followed when working at a height and if your employer has not followed them there may be a case for claiming compensation. Accident Advice Helpline has a panel of around 200 legal partners so they will be able to select an expert in workplace accidents to work on your case. Some of the safety precautions that should be followed when working off a ladder may include:

  • Using scaffolding instead if working off a ladder is too dangerous
  • Using the correct ladder for the job
  • Maintaining and cleaning the ladder
  • Providing training and supervision on using a ladder
  • Positioning the ladder properly

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