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Saying no

Saying no could avoid you having to make a personal injury compensation claim

So many people end up in accidents because they are afraid of saying no to someone else. There are many situations you should refuse to do something that you know may put you or someone else in danger, such as:

  • Say no to your employer when he wants you to use a piece of machinery without the safety guard in place.  It is illegal for them to fire you for refusing to do something that is unsafe.
  • Say no to the workmates who want you to go to the pub for a drink in your lunch break.  Neither you nor your colleagues should consume alcohol during working hours.
  • Say no when asked to work through your breaks, a rested employee is less likely to have an accident.
  • Say no when your mate wants you to get on the back of his motorbike without the proper gear, leathers etc.  Without the correct protective clothing, the results of an accident could be very nasty.
  • Say no to your doctor when he says go away there is nothing wrong with you, but you still feel ill.  Insist on further tests so that an illness is not missed.
  • Say no to the surgeon who wants to amputate your left leg, when it should be the right leg.

We could carry on all day listing the things you should say no to so you avoid a personal injury compensation claim, but just remember that saying yes when you shouldn’t, the accident can then become your fault and you will not be able to make a claim.

If after saying no you are still injured in an accident, you should contact Accident Advice Helpline

Accident Advice Helpline have been helping claimants who were not afraid of saying no for over 16 years.  We have made sure they have received access to justice to get the compensation to which they were entitled.

We operate the no win no fee agreement, so the access to justice is there for everyone.  It means exactly what it says,  you will have no money to find to start your claim.

Our in-house solicitors are very experienced and will deal with your claim simply and efficiently.  In many cases the claim is dealt with over the phone and very few claimants actually have to make a court appearance.

Our website has a compensation calculator, which we call the 30-second test™.  As the name suggests, that is all it takes to give you a rough idea of the amount of compensation you can expect to be awarded.

You could call our helpline on 0800 689 5659  and speak to one of our friendly advisors.  They are professional, trained to deal with all types of injuries, from all types of accident and they will do everything they can to help you and put your claim in motion.