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No win no pay solicitors

If you’ve been in an accident, chances are that you are thinking about taking the person who caused your injury to court. It’s a good idea to hire a solicitor to help you with your claim. But there are things that you can do before you get your solicitor that are going to help your case. Here are some of the things that you want to do to help your case.

Collect pictures to help no win, no pay* solicitors

Today, most phones and other mobile devices have cameras.  When you have been in a car accident, you want to gather a lot of evidence and take pictures of anything that could be relevant in your case. Things like skid marks, vehicle damage, damage to other property, and the scene are all things that should be documented from more than one distance and angle.

Store information securely to help no win, no pay* solicitors

A lot of people don’t think about this, but one of the best ways that you can store this kind of information is through emailing it to yourself. Instead of waiting until you get home, email the photos and other information from your phone if possible to yourself so that if something happens to your phone you have it.

Ensure that the no win, no pay* solicitors are government regulated

When you are looking at the different no win, no pay* solicitors you should check and make sure that their firms are registered with the right regulatory bodies. Firms for claims management should be registered with the right Ministry and they also should have their own CRM number put on the firm’s website. Solicitors also have to be with the SRA and have their own SRA number.

Use no win no pay solicitors who are experts

A lot of general practitioners would think about taking your claim. but if you want to really maximize your success chances, go for someone who is a specialist. A person who has done just this kind of law and that is doing it all the time is going to be a better choice than a general law practitioner. They are going to know how you should proceed and you are going to get a service that is more complete. Some of the firms even help you with medical reports and replacement car hiring.

Look for no win, no pay solicitors promptly after accident

Responding promptly to your accident is going to make a big difference in whether or not you are going to win. First it will make you look a lot more confident in your case and innocence. Doing it quickly also will make sure that the events of the accident are fresh in your mind and in others’ minds.

If you are having trouble finding a good solicitor, we are able to help you. We have a lot of solicitors that we work with and that have many years of experience. Call us and we’ll give you help.