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Being involved in an accident can do more than cause a physical injury to the person. It can also damage the individual’s confidence and cause emotional and mental scarring.

Whether the person was involved in an accident on the road, a trip, or fall, or was hurt because of a faulty product or an accident at work, getting a competent solicitor on the case is critical to ensuring the victim is suitably compensated for the damage they have suffered.

For many individuals, hiring a solicitor sounds like a very expensive process and probably something which is out of their reach. Years ago, the UK used to have legal aid to help people pay the cost of legal representation, but now that has been abolished.

Thankfully the legal world has come to the rescue of the British public and now many no win no fee specialist solicitor services exist which offer every victim the chance to be professionally represented without running any financial risk personally.

A no win no fee specialist solicitor will not ask for any payment up front for their services. Also referred to as a ‘conditional fee agreement’, this type of arrangement means the prosecuting party, or victim, will not be asked to pay for their solicitors’ time if the case is unsuccessful.

This is beneficial for the injured party in two main ways: Firstly, because there is nothing to pay up front, victims can get a professional, specialist personal injury solicitor working on their case straight away, and secondly, because the solicitor needs to win to claim his fees, there will be more of an impetus for him to be successful in your case.

In some cases a no win no fee specialist solicitor will eventually get paid for his time, even if the case is unsuccessful. This is because some firms will ask the victim to take out insurance that will cover the solicitors fees should the case be rejected.

This usually only happens in cases where the party at fault is not clear, and can be a good way to get your case taken to court even in more complex situations where the outcome is not open and shut.

In cases where the no win no fee solicitor will only get paid for a win, they will tend to only choose to represent your case if they think you have a strong chance of winning. This means that if a no win no fee specialist solicitor takes on your case and doesn’t ask you to take out insurance, they are pretty confident that you will be successful in your compensation claim.

By offering a no win no fee service, solicitors are making it easier for all people to access the legal assistance they urgently need. Whether you think you will be successful or not, speak to a no win no fee solicitor about your case and let them help you with the legal expertise you need.

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