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no win no fee package holiday claim

People go on holidays all the time. Unfortunately, many times they are injured while they are on their holiday and they have to make a claim against the person who injured them. A lot of times, these injuries happen on some kind of watercraft. Below are four instances where someone might be injured while they are on holiday on a watercraft.

You can make a no win no fee package holiday claim due to a cruise ship problem

Injuries to passengers on cruise ships occur due to a variety of causes. They range from tripping accidents or injuries caused by defective items in cabins and communal areas, to outbreaks of food poisoning. Other causes of personal injuries include fires onboard ships, or a lack of safety on day excursions.

You can make a no win no fee package holiday claim due to a canal boat problem

It is possible to hire canal boats that you sail yourself. Therefore, it is important that you are provided with a good level of instruction on how to handle the boat and its equipment, so that you can avoid any injuries. The boat should also be provided in a safe and well maintained condition to prevent unnecessary accidents. If it isn’t, the people who are injured may be able to make a claim.

You can make a no win no fee package holiday claim due to a problem on ferries

Ferries in many cases are at the mercy of choppy conditions, so it is important that passengers are supplied with a safe area onboard. For instance hand rails, anti-slip flooring and locations to store luggage safely can be useful for protecting against passenger accidents, particularly with rough crossings.

You can make a no win no fee package holiday claim due to a problem on power boats / speed boats

If used without correct training, power boats and speed boats could potentially cause harm not just to passengers, but to other people who are close by. This may include, for instance, individuals on various other boats, swimmers, or individuals involved in other activities like waterskiing.

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