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no win no fee litigation

no win no fee litigation is the process of making a claim due to an accident or injury sustained at work or in a public place. It is important that you seek advice from an experienced claims company or solicitor following an accident or injury to ensure that you can successfully recoup the correct amount compensation and that you follow the claims process correctly. With a no win no fee litigation claim you have to carefully complete a specific process which a qualified solicitor or claims company will help you with. Firstly, as the claimant, you will need to file your claim to court along with all of the necessary legal paperwork and associated documentation. Secondly, the claim will then need to be served either by the court or the claimant to the person at fault, the respondent who must respond to the claim within a specified time scale. This time scale will vary according to the type of claim being submitted. Thirdly, a process will commence whereby each party will need to submit evidence and associated documents, attend an initial and then final hearing. Following on from this, the court will then reach a decision and, if successful, award any compensation. no win no fee litigation solicitors will guide you through this process and you will only pay a fee if you are successful in your claim.

Employing a solicitor for no win no fee litigation

There is absolutely no doubt that having a solicitor on your side when pursuing no win no fee litigation will be of immense benefit and will certainly increase the chances of your claim being successful. Even if the claim seems straightforward to you, it is definitely worth employing a solicitor who carries out no win no fee litigation because they will be able to provide a stronger argument to support your claim.

Accident Advice Helpline will pursue your claim on a  no win no fee basis, so if you are unsure of whether you have a claim, why not take our 30 second check to see how much you could claim?