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no win no fee legal support

There are few services a British lawyer will carry out for nothing. A free, hour-long initial consultation is the norm, yes. But then the charges start to clock up. That is unless the individual’s personal circumstances dictate otherwise.

Accident Advice Helpline works with hundreds of solicitors, each one a no win no fee legal support. For some, the no win no fee system of legal representation in an injury accident claim for compensation can be confusing. Does it really cost me nothing? you may ask.

No win no fee lawyer

More formally, a no win no fee lawyer is one who enters into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) when engaged in personal injury claims. Other than criminal or family representations, many types of claim can come under CFAs, including personal injury claims.

The fact is that you will not be charged by your no win no fee legal support for their time spent working on your case unless you win it. For a no win no fee arrangement to be valid, the solicitor has to follow a set process, providing the client with information along the way.

Claim evaluation

From the outset, you can gauge the validity of your claim by calling Accident Advice Helpline on our 0800 number at any time of the week where one of our advisers will run through a 30-second test™ evaluation. Before anything else, the accident must not have been your fault, it must have taken place in the past three years and you received medical treatment for your injuries immediately after the accident.

We can then appoint a no win no fee lawyer to do the very best for you in your case, many being specialists in injury types – from road accidents, sports, work related, claims against big companies and large organisations, and so on, crossing the whole gamut of injury scenarios.

Presenting the facts

Accident Advice Helpline is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our patron is none other than TV presenter and consumer champion, making a claim in a friendly, informative and lucid manner.

We will explain that, when your no win no fee legal support wins your case, under the terms of the agreement, your solicitor is entitled to charge you for their time. Their fees however are normally paid in full by the losing party. There are other expenses such as court fees and the fees for an independent medical report to support your claim, usually known as disbursements. Again, the defendant is liable pay all or part of these costs, Accident Advice Helpline assures.

Cover for risks

In the event of the claim failing, then the legal work is funded. Your no win no fee lawyer, on your behalf, arranges insurance for you to cover any risks if you don’t already have it. This ‘after the event’ (ATE) insurance policy is your safeguard. Like the no win no fee agreements, the insurance premium is due only in a successful claim and, once again, the losing party pays for this. Simply call Accident Advice Helpline on their freephone numbers 0800 689 5659.