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Non-fault accident claim advice

The aftermath of any accident can be a distressing and difficult time for you and your family members, physically, emotionally and financially. You may have sustained injuries after an industrial accident at work, been injured after an accident in a public place or even suffered serious injuries in a road traffic accident. How you were injured doesn’t matter so much as why – if somebody else caused your accident then you could find you are eligible to make a personal injury claim, which means you could be in need of non-fault accident claim advice.

Finding a personal injury lawyer with the right mix of experience and knowledge isn’t always easy, but Accident Advice Helpline’s team of lawyers specialise in personal injury law, so we can provide confidential non-fault accident claim advice, no matter how you have been injured.

What is a non-fault accident?

If you have been injured in an accident, it’s all too easy to look back and assume that nobody was to blame. However, it could be that somebody else’s negligence caused your accident – this is then known as a non-fault accident. Imagine you are stopping at a red traffic light and a car runs into the back of you – in this case, the other driver would be to blame for the accident in most cases. Perhaps you were shopping in the town centre and you slipped on wet floor in a supermarket or shop, suffering a back injury. In this case, the supermarket or shop owner could be held liable for your accident, which means you could be entitled to receive personal injury compensation. The easiest way to find out more is to get non-fault accident claim advice from our advisors, which could help you to decide if you want to proceed with a personal injury claim after your accident.

What sort of injuries could you claim compensation for?

We have helped members of the public to claim compensation for a wide range of accidents and injuries over the past 16 years and more. So whether you have suffered minor injuries such as a sprained ankle, cuts and bruises or a more serious, life-changing injury, you could find you’re eligible to receive non-fault accident claim advice and compensation for your injuries. Here are just a few examples of the types of injuries and accidents we have helped people claim compensation for since 2000:

  • Slip, trip or fall injuries ranging from back/spinal injuries to broken bones and cuts and bruises
  • Head injuries such as concussion or a brain injury
  • Facial injuries including lacerations and facial fractures
  • Eye injuries leading to temporary or permanent partial or total loss of sight
  • Ear injuries, such as an injury leading to industrial deafness
  • Broken bones
  • Crush injuries including internal injuries and broken ribs
  • Back and spinal injuries which could cause permanent disability
  • Nerve injuries, such as injuries to the facial nerve, causing facial paralysis
  • Whiplash, and other neck and shoulder injuries
  • Cuts, bruises and more serious lacerations

As you can see, the types of injuries you could claim compensation for vary greatly in their severity, and generally speaking, the more serious your injuries, the more compensation you could be entitled to claim. Provided you sought medical attention after your accident, you could make a personal injury claim for even minor injuries such as a sprained ankle or wrist sustained after a slip, trip or fall. You’ll want to seek non-fault accident claim advice as soon as possible after your accident though, as there is a three-year time limit in place to make a claim in most cases.

Is it worth making a personal injury claim?

As well as calling us for non-fault accident claim advice, many people call us to find out whether it’s worth their while proceeding with a personal injury claim. It’s impossible for us to tell you exactly how much compensation you could get for your injuries, as each claim and situation is so different. But you could take the 30-second test™ on our website, which will give you an idea of what you could receive, should your claim be successful. Accident Advice Helpline’s lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis, which means that there are no upfront legal fees to worry about – so we’ll only take on your claim if we think there’s a good chance it will be successful, and claiming is affordable for anybody.

What if somebody you love has been injured?

It’s often possible to make a personal injury claim on behalf of a loved one who has been seriously injured. For example, you could get in touch with us for non-fault accident claim advice if your partner has sustained a brain injury after an industrial accident at work, or if your husband has suffered a spinal injury after a workplace accident that has left him paralysed. Claiming on behalf of somebody else doesn’t have to be any more complicated than a standard personal injury claim, so we recommend you get in touch with us for non-fault accident claim advice as soon as possible after your loved one’s accident, to explore your options.

Should you make a claim?

You’re perfectly entitled to seek non-fault accident claim advice and make a personal injury claim if you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence, and Accident Advice Helpline encourages anybody who has sustained injuries to get in touch with us to find out more about making a claim. With over 16 years’ industry experience, our specialist advisors and personal injury lawyers will do their best to get you the compensation you’re entitled to. In most cases, settlements are paid by insurers rather than directly from the pockets of company owners, so, if, for example, you’re worried about claiming compensation from your employer after an accident at work, there is no need to lose sleep over this.

Call now for non-fault accident claim advice

The first step towards making a personal injury claim is to get non-fault accident claim advice and find out if you are eligible to make a claim. You can do this by calling Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 to find out more about the claims process.