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Do you need to wear a broken nose face mask?

Most people who experience a broken nose will be able to heal at home. If the nose breaks in an awkward way and is no longer straight, it is advisable to see your GP to ask for advice. It may need to be reset to prevent it healing in a crooked position. In rare cases, someone might require a broken nose face mask to help protect the nose while it heals. This also means the person will be protected from further injury while the nose heals.

It is not usually necessary to wear such a mask, but it can prove useful in some instances. For example, you might feel better wearing one in bed while it heals, especially if you can’t sleep well. This can give your nose more support for the first week or two while the bone begins to knit back together.

Broken nose face mask for sports

Some people who have a broken nose decide to wear one of these masks to help them get back to playing sports again very quickly after the injury happens. If you see your GP or another medical professional, you are likely to be recommended not to play contact sports for a few months. A mask can help provide protection in the meantime if you do wish to play, and as we have seen, it may also provide further protection at other times.

It is also advisable to avoid any activity that could lead to you hitting your nose or otherwise damaging it while it heals.

Was someone else responsible for what happened to you?

You might already know the answer to this one. You might also be unsure of what happened and who was at fault. So, the best way to find out is to speak to someone who regularly deals in personal injury cases. They will know what to look for – and so will the advisors in our team.

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