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How much for whiplash and concussion injuries?

What is concussion?

Any blow to the head can be serious, and in some cases, concussion may occur. If you are in a car accident, it’s possible the impact could cause you to strike your head on a side window if you are hit from the side. The speeds involved in a car accident could be enough to cause concussion.

If you do hit your head in a car crash, make sure you seek medical help as soon as you can. This is especially important if you lose consciousness for a time, however brief it was. A CT or brain scan can be given to see if there has been any damage to the skull or the brain. If this shows as clear, with no undue problems, it is likely the diagnosis will be concussion.

Be alert for more serious symptoms following a head injury

While most people will recover from a concussion without any problems, it is imperative to be alert for any possible signs that could indicate something more serious is going on. This is important even if you have seen someone at the casualty unit and you are cleared to go home. They will provide you with advice on the signs to watch for, and you should also be with someone who can keep an eye on you.

What is whiplash?

This is one of the most common injuries that could be suffered by someone in a car accident, whether they are the driver or a passenger. It mainly occurs in accidents like the one we described above, where the offending car drives into the back of a stationary vehicle. Whoever is in the vehicle in front will be flung forward, but their seat belt will lock and keep their body from moving too much. With nothing to restrain the head, there is a clear opportunity for the soft tissues in the neck to be stretched far beyond their usual range of motion.

What’s the average payout for whiplash and concussion injuries?

This is the big question, of course, and one you have every right to find an answer to. You may have recovered from your injuries by now, but if your accident occurred within the past three years, you still have time to put in a claim if you believe you have a right to do so. Accident Advice Helpline is well placed to help you find the answers you are no doubt looking for at this stage. Being in a car accident is frightening, even if your injuries are minor. If you’ve had concussion and whiplash, it may have taken some time to recover from them. You may even have been left with some problems because of what happened. Finding out how much for whiplash and concussion injuries will help you decide about making a claim.

More information is available

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