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How much compensation for getting stabbed?

Back in 2008, around 8% of the total crimes in Britain involved knives. This figure remained steady for some time. Of course, reading statistics about knife crime is very different from being on the receiving end of such an attack. If you have been stabbed recently, you have every right to ask ‘how much compensation for getting stabbed?’ because you want to know whether you are entitled to claim something.

A stab wound can range from a shallow and minor flesh wound to something far more serious. While many people survive a stab wound, the outcome does depend on where on the body the person is stabbed, and how deep the wound goes. The size of the knife or other object used to stab the individual may also have an impact on the outcome. Someone may be very lucky and avoid damage to any organs or major arteries, but they may still lose a lot of blood. However, if a major artery is severed, blood loss can be swift and fatal if treatment is not given straight away.

Should you remove the object if it has been left in your body?

This will depend on the nature of the wound. Sometimes, the offender will take it out and take it away with them, so as not to leave it as evidence that may have their fingerprints on it. However, if the knife is embedded in the wound, you should not remove it. This can cause greater blood loss and more damage unless done in a hospital setting by a medical professional. Proper wound care is vital in this instance.

Regardless of whether the injury still has the object embedded or not, you will eventually start wondering what the answer to ‘how much compensation for getting stabbed?’ might be. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority is set up to handle such claims, which relate to a crime rather than from simple negligence as is the case with many personal injuries. A personal injury lawyer can still handle your claim however, and provide you with more advice and information about the likely claims procedure you would have to go through. They will be able to advise you on how much compensation for getting stabbed you may potentially get.

Calculating compensation based on the severity of your injuries

One thing stab wounds have in common with other personal injuries is that their severity is directly related to the level of compensation an individual may receive. For example, someone receiving a minor stab wound is likely to receive a far smaller sum than someone who received a serious wound that caused major blood loss, internal damage and nearly lost them their life.

In any case, contacting a personal injury lawyer is by far the best way to get a better idea of how much compensation for getting stabbed may be possible in your case. All the facts involved will be considered, including the seriousness of the wound, any emotional trauma you have suffered (and indeed may still be suffering from) and medical shock experienced by the loss of blood.

How long do you have to make a claim?

Anyone aged over 18 will have three years in which to make a claim for compensation. Many people will focus on their physical well-being before considering a claims process, and how much compensation for getting stabbed they might get. A minor will have three years from the moment they turn 18 to make a claim, so there is a longer time involved here.

Emotionally, it can take a long time to recover from a stab wound. Many people have emotional issues surrounding the incident long after they have recovered physically. Adrenaline will be released at the point of attack, and this numbs pain and is a big part of the fight-or-flight response we all have in such situations. Indeed, it is not unusual for a person to be stabbed in an altercation with someone else and not to realise until a short time afterwards. Some people are unaware until someone else points it out to them.

Was the attack completely unprovoked?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority will secure compensation for those who are injured by a criminal act when the injured person is an innocent party to what happened. For example, if you were robbed while walking down the street and the robber stabbed you, you would have a good case. However, if you got into a fight with someone and they stabbed you, it may be found you played a part in what happened.

You are likely to have many questions if you are recovering from a stab wound. The good news is you can receive answers to those questions, especially concerning the likelihood of making a compensation claim, if you contact us today. If you wish to know how much compensation for getting stabbed may apply to you, speaking to a professional at Accident Advice Helpline could be your best move.

So, how much compensation for getting stabbed?

Firstly, we have an online test designed to take a mere 30 seconds to complete. There are just a few questions involved – three of which require a yes/no answer. The fourth question requires you to indicate where on the body you were injured. Just complete the form with your name and phone number and someone from our experienced team will be in touch.

If you prefer, you can call Accident Advice Helpline now on 0800 689 5659. Finding yourself in this situation can be frightening and life changing, even if your physical recovery is straightforward and your injury is not life threatening. You have every right to ask how much compensation for getting stabbed might be paid in your case. We are here to make life easier, and one of our professional personal injury solicitors could soon be acting on your behalf to try and gain compensation for you and for the injuries you suffered.