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How much can you claim when you get stabbed?

Stab wounds are not very common, but they can and do occur. If you need to ask, ‘How much can you claim when you get stabbed?’ it is likely you may have suffered such an injury yourself. Sometimes, this can occur as part of a violent crime. For example, if someone tries to steal your bag or belongings directly from your person, they may have a knife to threaten you with. In some instances, they may use it.

The last thing that would cross your mind at a time like this would be to think, ‘How much can you claim when you get stabbed?’ You will be focused on your wound and what has happened, and it is important to make sure you follow the three steps recommended by the Red Cross:

  1. Apply pressure
  2. Call 999
  3. Maintain pressure and then let the paramedics take over when they arrive

The Office for National Statistics reports that incidents of knife crime are small when compared to the overall crime totals throughout the UK. However, they suggest there has been a small increase in certain more serious crimes, including knife crime. There were 27,904 cases where someone had been caught in possession of a weapon, as per the latest statistics for the year ending September 2016. This includes all weapons and not just knives.

How serious can a stab wound be?

The answer to this question can help determine the answer to ‘how much can you claim when you get stabbed?’ The official definition refers to a ‘small surgical incision’ rather than an injury or wound.

A stab wound can be very serious, even fatal in some cases. It’s rare for someone to die of such an injury, but it can happen. A lot will depend on where the knife or other sharp object enters the body, whether it damages a major blood vessel or artery, and whether it causes damage to vital organs. Blood loss can be extreme and very quick, which is why following those three steps as indicated above is so important. Doing so has saved lives in some instances.

However, a stab wound is not just a physical experience. It has a mental and emotional effect on the person concerned as well. Furthermore, these effects may not be dependent on the severity of the injury. Some people may find it far more difficult than others to get over a stabbing injury. It is possible for anyone who has been through a traumatic experience to develop PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder. This can lead to various symptoms developing:

  • Flashbacks to the stabbing incident
  • Images of the incident and thoughts going through your mind about what occurred
  • Bad dreams
  • Feeling upset at any reminder of what happened
  • Feelings of panic and anxiety

If you suspect you have developed PTSD following a stabbing incident, do seek help. Having a record of seeking help and getting appropriate treatment may also be useful when asking ‘how much can you claim when you get stabbed?’ This is because you may be able to receive compensation for the emotional distress you experienced as well as the physical outcome.

Is it possible to be stabbed accidentally?

When we explore the topic of stabbing, it’s common to think of stabbings related to crime. However, there is a possibility – albeit a slim one – that stabbing injuries may occur in an accident. For example, you could receive a puncture wound if you fell onto some sharp railings. You might also receive a stabbing injury if you were in a car accident and something came through the windscreen and embedded itself in you. Official reports state accidental stabbing is rare, but if you have been injured in this way and you suspect someone else was to blame, it is worth considering the question ‘how much can you claim when you get stabbed?’

Your medical records could help you make a claim

Obviously, you will need to seek medical help if you have been stabbed, no matter what the reason for it may have been. Your priority will be to get the appropriate treatment. This may involve stitches and you may require surgery, depending on whether the wound is a surface wound or whether there has been internal damage. You may have to stay in hospital for a while – again, it depends on how bad your injuries are.

Initially, you may feel numb to what happened and experience a sense of disbelief. But as we have learned, post-traumatic stress disorder can develop either soon after the incident or a while later. There are currently two forms of treatment for PTSD:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication

Some people may fare better with one more than the other, while some may benefit from both. Having a record of all your treatment, including any treatment for PTSD or other emotional issues stemming from your injury, may help when you wish to know ‘how much can you claim when you get stabbed?’

How much can you claim for a stabbing injury?

We provide no-obligation advice to all those who need it. If you are prepared to learn more, and you wish to know if you could claim compensation, call our team today. We are always here to provide help and support, and if you do have a case to make, one of our expert personal injury lawyers could represent you as per the no win no fee agreement we work on.

There is never an easy answer to give to the question ‘how much can you claim when you get stabbed?’, because the specific details of an individual case will be required to gain a better understanding of what happened. If you call today, we can take your details and find out whether a no win no fee claim would lead to a compensation award in your case. We are always here to help you.