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Mouth injury

Any injury following an accident is no fun, but if you’ve suffered a mouth injury in an accident, you’ll seriously know about it. With many injuries, being laid up and immobile is not a huge problem, however painful they may be. Unfortunately, when you have a mouth injury, immobilising your face is very difficult.

The symptoms of a mouth injury vary between people, and all depend on the nature of the accident of course. If you have suffered a mouth injury in the past few years and are keen to find out about claiming compensation, then get in touch with us here at Accident Advice Helpline and see what we can do for you.

How did you injure your mouth?

Just how you could develop a mouth injury is beyond some people’s comprehension, but of course when you have an accident, you don’t have a choice about what part of you is hurt. We have dealt with injuries to the mouth and face that have come about because of a trip, slip or fall for example. People who fall forwards tend to suffer injuries to their knees, wrists and face. People who don’t have time to put their hands out to break their fall, can end up with a mouth injury.

Mouth injuries are also common in collisions – so we have dealt with cases of cyclists, pedestrians and car and public transport users. Mouth injuries are also prevalent among sports men and women, but you would be surprised at the number of claims we get for mouth injuries even among people in offices and shops.

Have you received medical attention for a mouth injury?

The symptoms of a mouth injury will be different in every case. If you have split your lip or knocked some teeth out, or bitten through your tongue, there will be a great deal of blood and swelling. But it’s also possible to dislocate or break your jaw, in which case you may have a feeling of cut glass in your face, or an inability to move your jaw.

It is vital – if you suspect you have a mouth injury of any kind – that you approach a medical specialist either at your GP surgery or the hospital. Treating a mouth injury is a specialist undertaking, and you shouldn’t leave it to heal on its own. You can never tell what the long term effects of a mouth injury will be, so the sooner you start to get your mouth injury sorted out, the better.

Claiming from Accident Advice Helpline

Claiming for a mouth injury with Accident Advice Helpline is wonderfully simple. You need to make one phone call to set the ball rolling and we will take care of the rest. The cost of claiming for a mouth injury will probably surprise you too. Accident Advice Helpline offer no win no fee to all of our customers, and there’s no charge for starting your claim either. Call 0800 689 5659.