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Motorcycle accident liability

If there are no witnesses to a road traffic accident, it can be difficult to prove who was at fault. Even if another motorist was clearly to blame, they may try to deny liability if they think they can get away with it.

If you are a biker and you have been involved in an accident, it is important to call the police to attend the scene. They can make a report based on their experience and interviews with the parties involved, so that the motorcycle accident liability is in no doubt. Then, when you come to pursue a personal injury claim against the other person, the legal process will be much easier.

Proving motorcycle accident liability

You might have found that the motorist responsible for the accident has tried to put the blame squarely on you. Perhaps they suggested that you were speeding or even that you pulled out in front of them. Very often, it is the car driver that has paid little regard to the biker on the road and has acted in a way to cause an accident. If they were not paying proper attention, they might simply not have seen you but are not prepared to admit this.

With a comprehensive police report and an expert legal team on your side, it will be much easier to prove motorcycle accident liability and get the compensation you deserve. Even if you didn’t call the police to the scene, and expert lawyer will have the experience and expertise to help you submit a claim.

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Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far to find that expertise, as you have found Accident Advice Helpline. We have been helping innocent accident victims get justice since the year 2000 and we are proud to be one of the top law firms in the UK. We will work hard to gather evidence that will prove your innocence, so that you can get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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