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Motorbike accident claims

Every year, a few individuals find themselves able to make motorbike accident claims. No one assumes they would ever be in a position for this to happen, but we all recognise that road accidents can occur, and sometimes you have little chance to prevent yourself from being hurt. How does a motorbike accident occur? The answer is often through a lack of attention on the part of one or more people. Sometimes, the biker might be at fault. However, if a third party is at fault, and causes an accident whereby the biker is knocked off their bike and injured, the biker may consider making a claim for their injuries. Motorbike accident claims can be made for the injuries the person suffers from, whether they were relatively mild in nature, or life changing. For example, a hairline fracture of the leg would be very different to a broken spine, which could potentially lead to damage to the spinal cord that causes permanent paralysis.<

It makes sense to understand what to do if you’ve been involved in a motorbike accident. You must get information from everyone else who was involved, so you can exchange insurance details and contact details. If someone has been hurt, the police should be called, and an ambulance too, if necessary. In some cases, one or more people involved may lose consciousness and have no memory of what happened. If this is the case, relevant information can be gleaned from those involved afterwards, since the police should be called in this instance anyway.

Injuries that could result in making motorbike accident claims

It can be tricky to identify symptoms of motorbike accident injuries. For instance, some injuries may not be felt in the adrenaline and stress of the moment. It may not be until several hours after a crash that you realise you were indeed injured, when at the time you thought you were fine. Others may not seem serious, but require treatment for the person to recover. This might mean encasing a broken limb in plaster for a few weeks, or treating concussion, or treating other injuries such as cuts, bruises, and grazes. These can be severe in a motorbike accident if the biker was not wearing proper biking gear. In any event, treating motorbike accident injuries is of paramount importance.

Indeed, with appropriate and swift treatment for any injuries you’ve suffered in a bike crash, the long-term effects of being involved in a motorbike accident can be less pronounced than they may otherwise have been. Since you can suffer some serious injuries coming off a bike at any speed, it is wise to get checked out even if you think you are fine. If you were unlucky and your bike landed on you as you came off it, this too can cause crush injuries that may not show on the surface, but could be very dangerous if they are not appropriately treated as quickly as possible.

Don’t feel guilty

You may feel guilty for wanting to know more about motorbike accident claims and how to make them. Yet there are a few people each year who do make motorbike accident claims, and when this is the case, it is usually easy to understand why.

If you made an error that led to your accident, you wouldn’t have a chance to claim anything. However, if you were observing the Highway Code and doing everything correctly, and someone else came along and knocked you off your bike, causing injuries as they did so, you may well be able to prove they were negligent. If so, you would have an opportunity to consider trying to claim some compensation. Your life may have changed, at least for a while, following the incident, and you may even have lost out financially if you couldn’t work, and only received statutory sick pay. If you were self-employed, you may not have earned anything at all for a time following the accident. Motorbike accident claims would be a logical step to take in such instances.

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Perhaps you are recovering from injuries caused in an accident like this even as you’re scanning this article. If so, and you are now considering claiming for a motorbike accident, you’ll be happy to know we have been involved in closing many successful motorbike accident claims already. We’ve handled many cases for bikers in over 16 years now, and your claim could be next to be handled by us, if you have a good case. All you need to do is to contact us to chat with a friendly and trained advisor, so you can learn more about your chances of securing compensation. We understand the complexities of making motorbike accident claims, and we can ensure everything is handled in the most professional manner, leaving you to get on with your recovery.

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