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Motor accident damage claims

If you have had a car accident and suffered personal injury in a road traffic accident, the chances are that you will be looking into making motor accident damage claims against the party at fault. In order to make motor accident damage claims it is vitally important that you find a company that will help you to fight your corner.

How do you know you can make motor accident damage claims?

If you have had a car accident in the last three years and the accident was not your fault, you are likely to be able to make a claim against the guilty party for your injuries. It doesn’t matter what sort of motor accident you have had, or whether you were the driver, a front seat or a back seat passenger. It is also irrelevant whether your injuries were only minor. Regardless of the injuries you have suffered, you can make a claim for compensation for your hurt and losses.

Which company specialises in compensation claims?

If you search the Internet you will find any number of companies who claim to be able to handle legal cases and make motor accident damage claims for you. You need to be wary of companies who will try and scam you, or companies who take a conveyer belt approach to processing claims. Ideally you need to find a company who specialise in personal accident claims and who have enough experience to win your claim for compensation. Ideally, you need Accident Advice Helpline.

Accident Advice Helpline

You probably have heard of us here at Accident Advice Helpline. We have been in business for over 15 years’ now and we have a wealth of experience in winning personal injury claims. Our patron is Dame making a claim by taking or unique 30-second test™ online. Literally within those seconds, we can give make a judgement as to whether we can help you with your motor accident damage claims or not. From there you, can get in touch with us either via the company website or phone us. If you phone the call will be completely free. Call us free today on 0800 689 5659.

What happens then?

You will be able to speak to one of our friendly and professional advisers who will take some initial details from you and then you will be passed onto our legal team, one of whom will take up your case.

It really is as easy as that. So contact us today so that we can help you start your motor accident damage claims.