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Miners injury claim

Along with the construction industry and despite all the latest technology in safety equipment above and below ground, mining remains one of the UK’s most dangerous occupations. Obviously, with the closure of many of Britain’s coal pits over the past 30 to 40 years, the volume of mining accidents has decreased.

Exposure to coal dust

However, the controversy surrounding pneumoconiosis or ‘black lung’ as it became known – a disease of the respiratory system caused by exposure to particles of coal dust – as in other types of mining where airborne chemical agitates have been inhaled, has continued to rage. However, for many miners now retired and suffering respiratory problems and lung disease, it is not too late to make a miners injury claim. The disease emanates from what is known as injury sustained from an occupational hazard.

Coal extraction in the UK over the years and even the present has led to various types of occupational injury and a miners injury claim can still be made against former employers such as the National Coal Board and the British Coal Corporation.

Miners injury claim

If you’ve suffered injury as a mineworker, underground or above, you could do no better than giving the Accident Advice Helpline a call, free of charge, to assess your claim. We can ask a few simple questions lasting no more than half a minute to confirm that the accident happened within the last three years, you were not to blame for it and that you received medical attention. We can then put you in touch with one of our 200 ‘no win no fee‘ solicitors in the UK, among them specialists in handling occupational injury cases which, in this instance, can constitute a miners injury claim.

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