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What are the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (MHOR)?

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations are set out in order to ensure manual handling is not the cause of avoidable injuries at work. They work in two broad areas. Firstly employers and employees all have a duty to ensure the MHO regulations are adhered to and to avoid manual handling where there is the potential for injury to occur. In some cases it cannot be completely avoided. However, in this case the situation should be assessed and adjusted for so the odds of receiving injury can be properly managed and significantly reduced.

As such all businesses and employees have a responsibility in this area. In some cases where there is the potential for manual handling processes to be hazardous, the circumstances should be properly assessed to determine how risk of injury can be avoided or reduced.

Claiming compensation for incorrect manual handling injuries suffered at work

Incorrect or hazardous manual handling can lead to the potential to suffer injuries at work. This is why the Manual Handling Operations Regulations were brought in to begin with. However, if you have suffered an accident or injury in the workplace that you believe was someone else’s fault you may have a situation where compensation can be claimed.

If this is the case you should seek advice from professional injury compensation lawyers as they will have the experience to help you. You should have evidence of negligence to help support your case. This is something your lawyers can help you with.

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