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Lower leg injury

Have you had a lower leg injury?

If you’ve ever had your shins knocked by a someone pushing a shopping trolley in a supermarket you’ll know how painful a lower leg injury can be. Our shins are very sensitive as the bones are close to the surface  in this part of our body.

Of course you might think this kind of injury is unlikely to warrant a compensation claim but think again. Our lower legs are more susceptible to injury as we get older and it’s quite possible to develop a leg ulcer following a knock. Leg ulcers can become infected, are painful and take a long time to recover. It could involve frequent visits to your doctor to see the practice nurse to have the ulcer dressed. This is quite an intrusion on your life.

What’s your lower leg injury?

We like to think we are safe from injury at work. Generally we are and it’s certainly our responsibility to keep ourselves safe by following health and safety rules set by our employer. However if, despite our best efforts, you have an accident that wasn’t your fault and suffer a lower leg injury you could have a case to answer.

Trips and falls in public places such as parks, libraries, public offices and cafes happen all the time. Sometimes it’s our fault for not looking where we are going. Often we can point the finger of blame at someone else. For instance, you may have slipped on a wet floor in a cafe or fallen foul of unguarded road workings. It doesn’t happen often but if you’ve had a lower leg injury as a result then we can help you.

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Your accident must have happened in the last three years and you will need to provide medical evidence of your injuries. See your doctor as soon as you can. If you have other evidence such as witness statements, cctv and photographs that can help strengthen your case.

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