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How long will I be off work with a sprained ankle?

Ouch! You’ve sprained your ankle. It might seem like a pretty minor injury, but it can actually be really painful and debilitating, making it difficult to work, drive or enjoy your life to the full. A sprained ankle injury can take some time to heal. Most minor sprains heal within six to eight weeks, but if you have suffered a serious sprain then it could take longer before you are back on your feet. You may be wondering, ‘How long will I be off work with a sprained ankle?’ The answer can vary – you may find that you are only off for a week or two, but equally if you have a physical job then you could be off for longer.

How long will I be off work with a sprained ankle and will this affect my compensation?

The longer you are off work, the more personal injury compensation you could find you’re entitled to. That’s because the amount of compensation you could receive takes into account any loss of earnings you have suffered. Even if your employer pays you sick pay, your earnings will still be affected if you take time off work after your accident. Rather than asking, ‘How long will I be off work with a sprained ankle?’ ask, ‘How will this affect the compensation I could receive?’

If you work in a physical role, for example if you are a taxi driver, a courier or a builder, then you may need to stay off work for eight weeks or even longer, depending on how quickly your sprained ankle heals. For those with desk jobs, you could return to work after a couple of weeks if you are able to keep weight off your injured ankle for the majority of the day.

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