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How long does whiplash last?

Because there are different degrees of severity in terms of a whiplash injury, no one can answer the question “How long does whiplash last?” with certainty. It seems that on average, a mild case of whiplash will last for 32 days. However, in the case of chronic whiplash it may take a year or more for the symptoms to disappear. Some people may recover in a few hours after a minor car crash, while others will take a week or two to feel well again. It all depends on the intensity of the crash and how badly your head was jolted.

How long does whiplash last after a car accident?

It is impossible once again to answer the question “How long does whiplash last after a car accident?” You can also sustain whiplash from a fall or from being hit on the head with a heavy object. It happens when your head moves violently backwards and forwards, or from side to side. You will probably experience headaches, perhaps suffer from vomiting and you could have a tingling sensation in your arms and shoulders. You may find it painful to move your neck and may need physiotherapy. However, as you may not be able to get such treatment on the National Health Service (NHS) and may not have the cash to pay for it, this could seem like a dream.

How long does whiplash last and can I claim compensation?

If you have been involved in an accident which was not your fault in the last three years in which you sustained an injury, then you may be able to claim personal injury compensation. You can claim compensation for a whiplash injury. If your injury is chronic, then you could claim for loss of earnings, the loss of quality of life if you are unable to perform your usual daily tasks, and for the pain, distress and suffering caused by the injury. You may suffer from anxiety and depression because of the pain.

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If you are suffering from whiplash and believe that you have grounds to make a personal injury compensation claim, you may need expert legal advice in order to understand how to proceed with your claim. While we cannot answer the question “How long does whiplash last?”, we can advise you about a claim and put you in contact with an experienced specialist personal injury solicitor.

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