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The long term effects of motoring accidents

When a motoring accident occurs, a chain of events is often started to try to help the victims who are injured. But although there are thousands of victims of motoring accidents each year, the focus of treatment and recovery is often relatively short term. What are the long term effects of motoring accidents and how well does treatment prepare victims for the rest of their lives?

This article looks at some of the long term effects of motoring accidents and what you can do if you are likely to suffer the impact of your accident for a long period of time.

What are the long term effects of motoring accidents?

The long term effects of motoring accidents can vary considerably, as each accident is unique, but there are some common themes. You are likely to suffer long term effects of your accident if your injuries include:

  • Loss of a limb – unfortunately, motoring accidents can involve serious injuries to legs, arms, hands and fingers. The loss of a limb can cause life-changing injuries with an impact on the victim’s ability to work and with adaptations and additional help often needed at home. Losing a limb is not out of the realms of possibility if you watching car rallying for example. Most of us have seen on the news at some time, a rally car plough into a group of spectators.
  • Brain injuries – head injuries are a potential impact of a motoring accident, whether a road traffic accident or something going wrong at one of the sporting motoring events that take place all over the country every weekend. Even mild brain injuries can cause serious effects. From epilepsy to cognitive impairment, these injuries can cause life-long impact.
  • Spine injuries, nerve injuries and whiplash – injuries to any part of the spine or nervous system can be long term and devastating. Whiplash is often perceived to be a minor injury, but in some cases symptoms can last for years and be difficult to diagnose and treat.

What can be done about the long term effects of an accident?

While there are constantly advances in medicine and technology, the long term effects of an accident are devastating and it can be difficult to see what the future holds. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can’t reverse your injuries or the impact they are having on you and your loved ones. But we can support your claim for the compensation you need.

Compensation aims to offer you a financial recompense for the impact your accident and injuries have on your life. If the legal system could restore your health, it would. But compensation is the option available to you so we, as the experts, would like to offer you the help and support you need to make the claim that will help you in your situation.

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