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The long term effects of a rib injury

Are you struggling following an accident in which you suffered broken ribs? The long term effects of a rib injury can be debilitating.

A painful injury

There’s no getting away from it, any chest injury is very painful. Breaking a rib or two can leave you feeling that every breath is a huge effort.

Fortunately most rib injuries heal within a month or two with the right care. Make sure you follow some simple rules such as breathing normally and resting when you need to. You will need to take pain relief to cope in the early days. If over-the-counter medicines aren’t helping then see your GP for something stronger.

If you start coughing up blood or mucus then seek urgent medical attention.

What about the long term effects of a rib injury?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, recovery from a rib injury can take longer than expected. If you’ve developed a chest infection, or a rib has punctured a lung, then the long term effects of a rib injury can leave you feeling very weak and tired.

You may need antibiotics to clear an infection and regular visits to the doctor can be involved. Symptoms can drag on for a long time and if you’re not able to work for a while then you may start to feel anxious and depressed.

If your finances have been put under pressure as a result of your accident then you might be feeling you need to take some positive action.

Claiming compensation

The law states that if you’re injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence then you are entitled to compensation. Many non-fault accident victims don’t claim because they think it will be stressful and costly.

If this is you then we would like to talk to you about your accident.

We are a trusted law firm who specialise in personal injury compensation claims for victims of non-fault accidents. We offer a no win no fee legal service no matter what your financial circumstances. Our expert lawyers can handle your claim from start to finish with minimum effort required on your part.

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