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The long-term effects of a back injury

If you have sustained a back injury from an accident and are still in pain six or more weeks later, you could now be experiencing long-term back pain. Patients can usually overcome short-term back pain with treatments like painkillers, hot baths and ice, but if you are still suffering from pain after a significant period of time, it could be worth seeing your doctor to identify alternative methods for dealing with your discomfort. We can help you if you are facing the long-term effects of a back injury.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we’ve been helping people get justice and compensation after sustaining long-term back injuries since we were first founded in 2000 and are waiting to hear from you right now if you do require first-class legal advice from industry-leading in-house professionals.

What can be the long-term effects of a back injury?

Your doctor may prescribe you stronger painkillers if you have passed the six-week mark. They may suggest acupuncture, exercise classes or even counselling to help you fight the psychological battles associated with your accident and injuries. If your injuries are particularly serious, you may require an operation.

We can help you cover all costs related to your accident and injuries so you don’t have to pay for anything out of your own back pocket, and can even help offset lost earnings arising from being forced to take time off work due to the long-term effects of a back injury.

If you have back pain and are experiencing problems like a high temperature, chest pain, swellings in the back, weight loss you can’t link to anything else, bladder issues or pain that worsens in the night, your situation may be serious. We urge you to speak to a medical professional if you are facing any of these symptoms alongside long-term back pain.

Don’t assume you have fully recovered from your injuries if you are no longer in pain but have been in an accident that caused a back injury. You may experience a delayed reaction later and could need surgery later on in life. As long as you have seen a medical professional about your injuries, the accident happened in the last three years and it was someone else’s fault, there’s a very good chance we will be able to help you get compensation.

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