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Long term affects of a thumb injury

Are you suffering from the long term affects of a thumb injury?

There can be more long term affects of a thumb injury than is often realised, and for some victims they never regain the full use of their thumb.

The long term affects of a thumb injury depend on what type of injury you suffered and how severe it was. However, they can include such problems as:

  • Reduced flexibility due to a long period of immobilisation
  • Loss of feeling if the nerves have been damaged
  • Arthritis
  • Loss of grip

Getting the right treatment as quickly as possible can help reduce the risk of the long term affects of a thumb injury. Usually this type of injury is very painful and your thumb is likely to swell and may be bruised. If you notice any signs that your thumb might have been damaged in an accident, seek medical treatment right away.

Losing the use of your thumb for a few weeks till it has recovered is bad enough, but to lose the use of it altogether would be a disaster. More than half of the flexibility in your hand is from your thumb, and it is amazing how many day-to-day things you cannot do without it.

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