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How long does personal injury compensation take to come through?

When considering how long personal injury compensation might take to come through, the severity of the injury and the complexity of the case must be taken into consideration. In the case of a road traffic accident, for example, where the police were called and their decision was a clear-cut case of the other driver being at fault, the case can usually be dealt with quite quickly. Some insurance companies will pay personal injury compensation with no court case being necessary because in the long run, they will save money by not having to engage counsel. In other cases, where things are a little less obvious as to who was at fault or when the other party contests the facts, things can take a little longer.

My personal injury compensation is needed to pay my bills

Personal injury compensation is designed to make sure that anyone injured in an accident or by negligence which is someone else’s fault is not disadvantaged financially. Sometimes, the payment needs to cover the care of the injured party for life and in this case the money may be paid in staggered instalments. If the personal injury compensation is to cover the expenses of the injured party in the immediate aftermath of the accident, the courts or insurance company usually endeavour to make sure that the money is paid over as soon as possible. The real key is to call Accident Advice Helpline as soon as is practical, because the sooner the case is begun, the sooner the compensation claim can be settled.

Some cases can be quite complicated

In the case of a trip or slip or if there has been employer negligence the case is normally quite straightforward and can be brought to a quick conclusion. Others, such as clinical incompetence may take longer to sort out because there is often an element of personal judgement involved which has to be investigated by other relevant medical professionals.

Also, there may be an issue of prognosis and likely recovery times, which cannot be second guessed. In these cases it is usually beneficial to take a longer time as the final compensation be higher as a result. Our expert lawyers will be able to give a rough timescale based on their experience, but this is never definite – however, in some cases there may be provision for an interim payment if the victim is in serious financial need.