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How long does broken nose bruising last?

Any broken bone can lead to bruising, and it could be quite significant. Broken nose bruising tends to occur over the nose itself, and spreads to under each eye too. You might have a small cut on your nose where the impact occurred, but this will usually be mild compared to the bruising you have suffered.

While you may not need medical treatment relating to your injury, it is worth seeking medical advice if you suspect a third party caused your injury. You might think it is always obvious whether this is the case, but in the event an accident occurs involving other people, you may not always realise whether a third party was negligent. Seeking medical advice means there is an official record of what happened and when it happened to you.

What to expect from broken nose bruising

Bruising will very quickly occur following any break to the nose. It will typically bruise the nose itself, which will also look swollen and painful. But the typical bruising indicative of a broken nose is that which occurs under each eye. It is very possible to get bruising under both eyes, and when this happens, it is almost inevitable to discover you have broken your nose.

Using an ice pack on your nose every few hours in the first day or two will help bring the swelling down, not to mention letting the bruising come out. You will look worse a day or two following the accident than you likely did at the time, but when the bruising develops the pain is likely to recede.

Can you claim for broken nose bruising?

You can if you can prove another person caused the break to happen. This might mean a pavement was wrongly laid and you tripped over it and fell, causing the broken nose. It might equally mean you were knocked off your bike by a driver and broke your nose that way.

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