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London’s most dangerous areas: Brixton

Brixton is one of the better known parts of London. It lies south of the River Thames, with Battersea a short distance to the west, Vauxhall to the north and Dulwich Village to the east. Big Ben lies almost directly north of it too, beyond Vauxhall. The area has a long history, referenced as Brixges Stane in 1062, which translates into ‘at the edge of the stone’. This name changed to Brixistane by 1279, before morphing into the name we know today.

Of course, as London has expanded over the years, so the population of Brixton, in common with many other areas, has grown. In May 2015, Brixton Hill had a total population of 16,628 people. By far the largest proportion of residents was in the 20-39 age bracket.

How dangerous is Brixton?

Most world cities are dangerous to some extent, and some areas within those cities are more dangerous than others. Brixton has received a bad name in the past because of the Brixton Riots, a phrase many people of a certain age will be aware of. However, there is plenty of evidence to show many areas in London could be deemed to be dangerous, and some would include Brixton in that description.

With that said, we should note that most people who live or work there, or visit this part of London, will not have any personal experiences with crime. Often, a modicum of common sense will help reduce the odds of being caught up in crime in any area, and this applies to Brixton too. We should, however, take note of other things that may potentially happen, so we can be alert and reduce the risk of suffering any injuries if we were to go to this part of London.

What kinds of crimes happen in Brixton?

Figures for this part of London for January 2016 through until December 2016 reveal the most common crime is that of antisocial behaviour. This can cover many actions, and nearly 25% of crimes reported in Brixton were counted as being of this type. The next most common crime is violence and sexual offences, which accounted for 444 crimes during this period, or 22.56% of the total. Other crimes, such as bicycle theft, for instance, are quite rare. Only 21 such crimes were reported in Brixton during 2016, which contributed just 1.07% of total crimes that year.

Statistics going back as far as 2011 show little change or rise in the total number of crimes taking place in the area. Some years have seen more crimes than others, but statistically, while the area could be said to be potentially more dangerous than some other parts of London, it has not become worse for the most part.

What about other accidents that could occur?

When we consider if a place is dangerous to visit, we should not only consider the chances of being the victim of a crime. Brixton, in common with every other area in London (and indeed, other areas in other cities) is a busy area. It would not be unusual to say it never slept, because there is traffic on the roads at all hours, and some people work nights to keep the area ticking over.

This means there is the potential to be involved in a road accident, if traffic is heavy, or people try and get to their destination as quickly as possible, throwing caution to the wind in the process. If you are driving in Brixton, take care to obey all road markings and signs, and to stop at traffic or pedestrian lights when appropriate. Look out for cyclists and do everything you can to stay safe, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Similarly, pedestrians should take care whenever they are walking around in Brixton. A simple slip, trip or fall could ruin your day, especially if it was not your fault. While the roads and pavements are kept in good order and are regularly maintained by the council, there could potentially be a chance to have an accident. If you came across a pothole or an uneven surface that caused you to slip, trip or fall, the injuries could be painful and take some days or even weeks to heal.

Everyday hazards

A neighbourhood insight report for Brixton showed residents believed street cleaning was the single most important thing they would like to see improvements on. It would be easy to slip over on some rubbish in the street, or to trip over something discarded by someone else. No doubt you would be frustrated and upset if you suffered from injuries caused in this way, particularly if you were going about your daily business and you ended up in hospital.

Slips, trips and falls can happen anywhere, but fortunately we can usually avoid such things happening. Brixton is a vibrant and exciting part of London, but if you have been injured there recently, you may not currently be thinking along the same lines. The question is: Can you do anything about it?

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