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Who is liable if you fall down stairs at work?

Aside from the physical pain and suffering, accidents at work can also be embarrassing and confidence-sapping. Something as seemingly innocuous as a fall down stairs at work can have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences to your health. Therefore, it’s both important and often reassuring to remember that help is at hand.

If I fall down stairs at work, who is liable?

Establishing liability for an accident at work isn’t always straightforward. In order to make a successful injury compensation claim if you fall down stairs at work, you need to meet certain criteria, including:

  1. The accident must have occurred within the last three years. There are a few exceptions to this rule – such as illness arising from asbestos poisoning – but for slips and falls in work, the 3-year rule is pretty much set in stone.
  2. The accident must demonstrably be the fault of someone else, or the result of negligence. If you fall down stairs at work because, for example, you aren’t wearing shoes, then a claim is not likely to be successful. However, say a raised bit of carpet, an unmarked puddle or a stray wire caused your fall, now you may have a case.
  3. The subsequent injuries and their extent must be confirmed by a medical professional.

Though employers have a responsibility and a duty of care towards their staff, they also are not burdened by unrealistic expectations regarding safety. For example, if a hazard such as a water spill is identified and dealt with by placing a warning sign before clearing it up quickly, then even if there is an accident in the interim a claim may not be successful as the employer could well be judged to have taken all reasonable steps to deal with the hazard and minimise risk.

What can I do if I fall down stairs at work?

In the aftermath of an accident at work, the immediate priority, of course, is your physical health and well-being. However, if the accident was caused by negligence or reckless actions by a third party, it’s important to remember that you may be due compensation.

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