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Lawyers for compensation from being knocked down by a car

Every day, we receive calls from the innocent victims of road accidents. When we think about road accidents, we often assume that compensation claims only apply to car drivers and passengers, but a large proportion of our calls are from the most vulnerable users of the road – pedestrians and cyclists. Here, we will answer two of the most common questions we receive from pedestrians and cyclists – “How do I find the best lawyers for compensation from being knocked down by a car?” and “How much compensation can I claim for my road accident?”

“How do I find the best lawyers for compensation from being knocked down by a car?”

So how do you know which firm are the best lawyers for compensation from being knocked down by a car? Well, as with all compensation cases, it comes down to two things:

  • The individual circumstances; and
  • What you want from your lawyer

The details of your unique situation will have a huge bearing on deciding who is the right lawyer for you. If you are a disabled pedestrian who has been hit on a pelican crossing, your legal support needs will be very different than a competitive cyclist who was knocked off their bike during a race. When you ask us to help fight your compensation claim, we look at all of the details of your accident and injury and match you to the lawyer who has the best expertise and specialisms to make the most successful case for you. You only get one chance to claim your compensation so you need to make sure you get the lawyer with the most relevant experience, first time.

You also need to consider what you actually want from your lawyer. Most claimants do not want to have to spend hours travelling and at meetings, particularly when they are injured and perhaps not feeling well. This is why so many innocent accident victims turn to Accident Advice Helpline, because quite often we can settle your claim without you leaving the comfort of your own home.

You want someone that will speak to you in plain English so you always understand what is happening with your claim, and if they work on a no win no fee basis, that has to be an advantage. We will always put your needs before anything else, and it is because of the high quality of our service that we have the endorsement of consumer champion, Dame Ester Rantzen.

But, in a nutshell, the best lawyers for compensation from being knocked down by a car will turn out to be whichever lawyer has the right experience, and that we know we will have the one you need among our in-house legal team.

“How much compensation can I claim for my road accident?”

The other common question we are asked by pedestrians and cyclists is: “How much is my claim worth?” It’s a fair question and easily answered. Simply take our unique online 30 second compensation test. We have been fighting claims like yours for over 16 years’, during which time we have built up a wealth of experience and case history. This means that we are able to provide you with an instant estimate of the value of your claim.

Many people are surprised by the amount they are eligible to receive. They assume that if their injury was temporary, or if they have fully recovered, it is not worth claiming. But that’s simply not the case – even very temporary injuries can attract a few thousand pounds, which helps you to gain closure on your accident.

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