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Jaw injury claims

Do you have any idea how you could develop a jaw injury? Most people never think about jaw injury claims, as they never experience anything that might prompt such a claim. Of course, you must have evidence that you were not to blame for the incident that led to your injury, and more than that, evidence that someone else was at fault. If this all sounds complex and confusing, don’t worry. We’ve written this article to help you understand how a jaw injury might happen, what you should do next if you have sustained such an injury, and what you should do if you are considering jaw injury claims as a possible next step.

Should you get your jaw injury treated?

The short answer is yes. Unless all you have is minor grazing or a similar injury that clearly only requires first aid, it is a good idea to see a medical professional to find out the extent of your injury. If you are thinking about the chance of making jaw injury claims, it is important to see someone because, in doing so, you will create evidence of the injury and can reveal what happened. This then makes it easier to launch a claim if you go on to do so.

Treating a jaw injury will involve seeing your GP if it is a minor injury, or seeking hospital care if you suspect you have a broken jaw or something else that is more serious. For example, if you experience any problems breathing, eating, or moving your jaw, always seek urgent advice. Claiming for a jaw injury, if you can do so, will come later, as you have three years in which you can do this. It means you can focus on getting treatment and recovering, rather than worrying about the process of claiming, who you should call, and what you must do to make a claim.

How could you hurt your jaw to begin with?

That’s a good question. We’ve covered the importance of getting treatment, but why might you find yourself in this situation?

Well, any impact injury to the face might incur an injury to the upper or lower jaw, or possibly both. For example, you could be doing your job when something falls from above and hits you in the face, or someone swings something around without looking and strikes your jaw that way instead.

Another possibility is that you might end up falling over, perhaps after tripping over an obstacle or hazard, or after slipping. If you can’t break your fall with your hands, it is entirely possible you might hit your head on the ground. If you fall face down, you could end up injuring your jaw.

Car accidents and road accidents might also lead to possible jaw injuries if you incur an impact, especially if speed is involved, as it often is in these situations. Jaw injury claims are sometimes made by passengers, drivers, pedestrians, and even cyclists, after suffering these injuries when they were involved in an accident caused by someone else.

Coping with a jaw injury

Knowing what the symptoms of a jaw injury might be will help you work out whether you have an injury at all, other than perhaps some bruising. For example, an inability to move your jaw might indicate a broken bone or dislocation. Alternatively, you may have suffered burns along your jaw, or a deep cut that may go to the bone. All these injuries will require medical intervention to ensure they heal properly.

The cost of claiming for a jaw injury will be far from your mind to start with. When you begin to recover and you start thinking about a potential claim, though, your mind may go in this direction. However, you can rest assured no fees will be payable for the services of our solicitors if you did make a claim and you eventually lost. That means you will be at no risk of financial losses if you choose to use our service. We’ll tell you more about how this works when you get in touch with us, and you can find out how to do so below.

Will you be the latest person making jaw injury claims this year?

Jaw injury claims aren’t the most obvious ones to come through our doors. Yet the team has dealt with such claims before, and will do again. The long-term effects of a jaw injury could include an inability to eat properly, or perhaps permanent scarring. The latter can affect a person emotionally as well as physically. If you can recognise this in your own situation, and you know or think a third party was responsible, make sure you call us today to talk about jaw injury claims and how they can be made. It may be a good call to make, and it will definitely allow you to get more information and good advice.

To learn more about making a claim, call Accident Advice Helpline to speak to an expert now on 0800 689 5659. Jaw injury claims can help those affected seek compensation for injuries they themselves did not cause. As the innocent party, you could claim against a third party if negligence is proven against them. You can learn more by speaking to our team of advisors today.