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Is my job at risk?

So you have been injured in an accident at work and you’ve decided you’re going to make a claim for personal injury compensation – good! That’s a step in the right direction, however it’s normal to have some concerns if you are making a claim against your employer. After all you don’t want your job to be at risk, even if you are a bit worried about health and safety at your workplace. One of the most common questions that Accident Advice Helpline is asked after an accident at work is, ‘Is my job at risk?’ It might take us a little bit of time to explain the answer to this question fully, but the short answer is no, it’s not.

Making a claim after an accident at work

If you find yourself wondering, ‘Is my job at risk?’ after deciding to claim personal injury compensation then you are not alone. Every year, we handle thousands of claims for workplace accident compensation. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a factory, on a construction site or in an office – if you are injured at work and somebody else is to blame, you are entitled to make a personal injury claim within three years of your accident. It’s usually the case that your employer is held liable and that they have been negligent, or that there was more they could have done prevent your accident from happening. This isn’t anything to feel guilty about – they have a duty of care towards you whilst you’re at work, and it’s their responsibility to keep you safe whilst you’re working on their premises.

Is my job at risk if I pursue a personal injury claim?

Your job won’t be at risk if you decide to go ahead and pursue a personal injury claim. By law, companies must have employers’ liability insurance in place. This protects them in the event of a claim being made by an employee – for example a personal injury claim after an accident at work. So your employer won’t be paying your claim out of their own pocket, if it is successful – their insurer will pay out. Legally, your employer can’t discriminate against you or fire you if you decide to make a personal injury claim.

Most companies take health and safety very seriously and want to do everything they can to make things right if one of their members of staff have been injured. You have nothing to lose by claiming the compensation you are entitled to, so pick up the phone and call Accident Advice Helpline today on 0800 689 5659 to find out if you have a viable claim.