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Insurance payout for whiplash

Insurance payout for whiplash

If you’re looking for an insurance payout for whiplash, it’s very likely that you or someone you know have been involved in an accident and that accident has caused you an injury. You may be wondering about where and how you can claim compensation for your injury. You may not know where to start. This article will be able to help you.

Criteria for claiming compensation or an insurance payout for whiplash

Legally there are a number of criteria that you will need to meet of you require compensation or an insurance payout for whiplash injuries. These criteria are quite simply:

  • You must have had an accident
  • The accident must not have been your fault
  • You must have suffered an injury in the accident that meant that you needed to receive medical treatment
  • You must have had the accident within the last three years.

Other things that we might look for when we start to work on your claim for compensation or your insurance payout for whiplash include evidence that the accident happened and that you received the injuries and that there is someone to make a claim against for your insurance payout for whiplash.


Let’s take the first point. Evidence that the injury occurred can take a number of guises. You may have a medical report from a hospital where you were treated or from your own GP. There may have been observers to the accident. If it is possible to have their names and addresses and contact numbers, this will really help your case. You may have a police report. After all, it is a legal requirement to report all accidents to the police, and when they write a report they generally supply you with a reference number.

Who to claim against for your insurance payout for whiplash

Generally speaking you will have received whiplash because another vehicle went into the back of you. Failure to stop on time is the responsibility of the driver behind when in traffic, so it stands to reason that you will be making a claim for compensation and to receive an insurance payout for whiplash against that careless driver.

What happens next?

The next thing you need to do is to contact a law firm just like Accident Advice Helpline who will start the groundwork and get your compensation claim going. It really shouldn’t take too long to get you an insurance payout for whiplash injuries. In many cases, all it takes is one phone call and you will not have to attend court.

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