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Insurance for a hit and run

Insurance for a hit and run accident could pay you compensation

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a hit and run accident, then you could be entitled to receive personal injury compensation for your injuries. Many people involved in such accidents will say they had no insurance for a hit and run accident. Being insured when you are hit by someone in a road traffic accident is not always relevant. Accident Advice Helpline, along with our team of advisers, secure the right level of compensation for those injured in hit and run accidents.

Having been the victim of a hit and run accident, you will want to know if you can make a personal injury claim. It may be suggested that you use your insurance for a hit and run scenario but this is difficult to do, especially if you have no idea who was responsible.

Hit and run accident claims, or any other road traffic accident claim where the driver is untraceable or uninsured, are referred to the Motor Insurers Bureau. Every insurance company that sells motor insurance has to be a member and pay a levy to them every year. This is then used to settle claims where there is a lack of motor insurance.

The driver did not stop after the accident

Just because you were injured in a hit and run accident, doesn’t mean that no one saw anything. It could well be that during the course of the accident, a passer-by or another driver saw something and took some details. These witnesses could be very useful when it comes to making your claim for compensation and more importantly, they are vital in bringing the culprit to justice.

In the immediate aftermath of your accident, it is only natural that your thoughts will be on your injuries. Where possible, it is important to remember as much as you can about the accident. If you can do so, write down what you remember or dictate your thoughts to a friend or family member.

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Call Accident Advice Helpline today and discuss your claim with a member of our team. When you call, one of our advisers will ask about the nature of your accident and will explain how the compensation process works. We will provide you with personal injury advice and determine if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. If you are eligible to make such a claim, and wish to continue, we will pass your details on to our no win no fee solicitors.

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