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Are injury insurance claims payouts part of the Nanny State Syndrome?

As a society we have become increasingly aware of the term “Nanny state” over the last few years. The Nanny state has always been used as a derogatory term implying the reliance on others to resolve our problems. The question is have injury insurance claims payouts become part of the Nanny state syndrome?

Companies who are deliberately trying to undermine the compensation process as a means to mitigating their responsibility often try to perpetuate the idea that victims trying to claim compensation are merely weak and victims of the Nanny state. However, injury insurance claims are there to help victims and go some way to make recompense for being on the receiving end of a company’s negligent behaviour.

The real issues around nanny state syndrome have no bearing on injury insurance claims say accident compensation specialist lawyers. Those who are signed up members of the Nanny state and wanting something for nothing and expecting others to run around after them have a completely different mentality, it is a passive attitude that they should do nothing and receive everything. Innocent victims of injury compensation claims are often at work and have an accident that causes them to receive an injury through no fault of their own.

Companies like Accident Advice Helpline (AAH) are dedicated to helping victims of accidents to claim what is rightfully theirs to enable them to continue an independent life free from state intervention. For many benefactors of the Nanny State their goal is to be dependent rather than have independence in life.

Hundreds of solicitors work with AAH and all would agree that the compensation claims they work towards getting for clients are to ensure that they can carry on life in an independent fashion as much as is possible. Compensation received can radically alter people’s lives. For those who have life changing injuries the compensation they receive from injury insurance claims can pay for alteration to their home to ensure that they remain as independent as possible or pay for mobility equipment all ensuring that they can be as independent as possible.

To think that injury compensation claims perpetuate the Nanny State Mentality does an injustice to those teams of legal experts and independent companies like AAH and their solicitors when in fact it serves to do the exact opposite.

However, lawyers representing negligent companies will use any methods they can to undermine the integrity of reputable lawyers to try and gain public sympathy. Those who are against people receiving compensation are the self-same people who have for years called lawyers representing innocent victims of workplace accidents, ambulance chasing lawyers.

Whilst the lawyers of companies are trying to avoid or mitigate a negligent company’s responsibility, lawyers working with the companies like Accident Advice Helpline continue to work tirelessly with potential compensation victims to win them the claims they are entitled to and to help free them from being reliant on the Nanny State. Simply call Accident Advice Helpline on their freephone numbers 0800 689 5659.