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Injury at Work Advice

You will need injury at work advice

You will need injury at work advice if you have met with an accident and been injured at work. When you are at your workplace, it is the duty of your employer to make sure that your safety is well taken care of. But if this is not done and you are injured while you are working, it is possible that you can seek compensation for the injuries you have sustained at work. However, to seek this compensation you will need the advice of a lawyer.

Why you need injury at work advice

If you have been injured at your place of work, you can make a claim if:

  • The injury took place within the past three years;
  • Some other person was the cause of your injury; and
  • Because of your injury, you required medical treatment.

However, as getting compensated for a workplace injury is a legal process, you would need legal advice to get this kind of work place injury compensation.

How do you get injury at work advice?

To get advice on how to claim compensation for an injury at work, all you need to do is make a phone call to the telephone advisors here at Accident Advice Helpline. Our law firm have been helping people with injuries in the workplace and various other kinds of injuries to seek compensation for these injuries since 2000, when we were founded.

Although the people who take your call are professional advisors, you will be pleased to discover that they are also very friendly and will provide you with all the help that you need to understand what you have to do to file a claim for compensation for an injury that you have sustained in the workplace. Plus, when you make a call to our telephone advisors, you will not be charged for this call as we operate a free phone line.

Suffering from injuries at your work place?

By calling up the in-house experts at Accident Advice Helpline you will get injury at work advice, so if you are looking for compensation you can reach these expert advisors by calling 0800 689 5659.