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Injury values

What are the different injury values in compensation claims?

Injuries vary in severity and consequence and are assessed under certain criteria to make a fair judgement of how much compensation should be awarded. This method helps to set a benchmark by which claimants and defendants alike know approximately how much money should be paid. The different injury values are usually a starting point and the final award made will depend upon the individual claim and any special circumstances pertaining to it.

How do I find the injury values which apply to me?

Common types of injuries have precedents and values attached to them.

Some examples of the most common awards for injury values with precedents.

Fractured leg upwards of £6000

Whiplash anywhere from £1000 to £16000

Forearm fracture between £4000 and £12000

A wrist injury starts at £2000

Minor ankle from £9000

Minor knee injury around £9000

Whiplash injury can be complex and hard to diagnose, hence the wide range of values. Complications can set in. A light whiplash injury resulting in a week or so off work will be at the lower end of the scale, whereas the whiplash injury leading to complications such as persistent migraines, numbness in neck and shoulders, pins and needles in the arms and problems with vision and balance will achieve a higher figure. The problem with whiplash assessment is it’s hard to diagnose.

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