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Injury solicitors in Ticehurst

Accident Advice Helpline have been giving advice and assistance to people who have been looking for injury solicitors in Ticehurst and elsewhere for over 15 years. Here’s our story.

The end of legal aid

We were launched in 2000, but in truth our story stretches back a few years before that to 1997, when the government decided to remove legal aid from those looking for personal injury claims. We felt that this unfairly penalised people who were on limited incomes, so we launched our new service with the aim of making every aspect of finding a lawyer much more simple and transparent. That began with the way in which you get advice.

Our helpline

The first port of call is our website, which is packed with features and content which could prove invaluable in helping you to make your case.

Log onto to see what we offer. One of these features is the interactive 30-second test™, which provides a swift answer about whether or not you can make a personal injury claim. It’s only a quick answer and will not be a guaranteed figure, but it is an indication as to what might happen if the court finds in your favour.

Next, pick up the phone and speak to a member of our expert dedicated team. They have all the information that you will need in order to make a good claim. This starts with looking at the basic details of your situation and asking ourselves one simple question – is there a good chance of winning the case?

We’ll look at whether you were at fault for the accident and how easy it is to prove your case. We’ll also look at how bad your injuries are, as this will be important in calculating how much compensation you might be owed if your claim is successful.

Finally, we’ll make a check on the timing of the accident. Under UK law, you have to claim for any injury within three years. If you wait longer than that, then regardless of how good your claim is or isn’t, you won’t be able to make a claim.

In doing this, we will be helped by all the information you can provide about the case. The more of this you have, the more accurate our predictions and estimates will become.

Finding injury solicitors in Ticehurst

So, let’s say that we’ve each decided to proceed with the claim. What happens next? Well, in simple terms, what we do is look for injury solicitors in Ticehurst who match your type of case.

As well as finding someone who has expertise in your area of personal injury law, we can also ensure you’ll connect with a lawyer who works on a no win no fee basis. That is a fundamental principle upon which Accident Advice Helpline were founded.

For more information about finding injury solicitors in Ticehurst, call us on 0800 689 5659.

Alternatively, you could visit for more information.