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Injury solicitors in Symonds Yat

Injury solicitors in Symonds Yat

If you live in Symonds Yat and you’ve been hurt in a slip, trip or fall you may well be entitled to compensation. This blog will sort out all the piffle and show you how you can go about finding injury solicitors in Symonds Yat who can help you with your case.

About slips and falls

One of the most common questions we receive is about who is responsible when you suffer a fall. It all depends on where the accident occurred. If it was in a public place such as the street then the local council will be responsible. It is their duty to reduce the risks of accident by ensuring things such as paving slabs are repaired promptly and warning signs are placed about any hazards.

If you’ve been hurt while at work the responsibility will belong to your employer. They are required to adhere to various health and safety requirements throughout the office. If they’ve fallen down in this duty and you’ve been hurt as a result then there is a good chance that you will be entitled to make a claim.

Alternatively, you may have been hurt while in a shop in which case it is the responsibility of the shop owners’.

In all these cases the responsible party should have some form of insurance in place. This will often be personal liability insurance which covers them for any accidents which happen to people while on their premises.

When can I claim?

The law says that you can make a claim as a result of someone else’s mistake. So, imagine you’re at work and you trip over something which had been left in a walkway – that might constitute a claim.

The second thing to look at is how badly you’ve been hurt. If it’s not bad enough to receive medical attention then it is unlikely you will be able to make a claim. Compensation is designed to pay for loss of quality of life and any expenses which you’ve incurred as a result.

Finding injury solicitors in Symonds Yat

So, if you think you have a case, where should you go? Well, at Accident Advice Helpline we have a huge amount of experience and can help you regardless of what type of accident you’ve suffered. We can find injury solicitors in Symonds Yat who have experience with slips, trips and falls and can help you with your case.

Best of all our lawyers offer a no win no fee service – it’s one of the building blocks of our offering to you, so whatever happens you’re not risking any money. You only have to pay up if you win your case.

To find out more about getting the best injury solicitors in Symonds Yat, come and talk to us. We’re more than happy to help you out. Call on 0800 689 5659.

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