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Injury solicitors in Sway

Accident Advice Helpline is one of the most well known names in UK personal injury law, thanks in part to the publicity efforts of

What is Accident Advice Helpline?

As the name suggests Accident Advice Helpline is a free 24 hour helpline which offers advice, support and the ability to find injury solicitors in Sway or indeed anywhere else in the country. We’re an end to end law firm offering services right from the earliest search and through to the final stages of pressing your case.

How long have you been going?

We were set up in 2000 as a way of making it much easier for people to find personal injury lawyers. At the time that process was becoming much more difficult thanks to a reduction in the amount of official help available in getting a personal injury lawyer. In 1997 the government had removed legal aid from those seeking a personal injury lawyer as part of a policy aimed at reducing the number of frivolous claims being brought into the courts.

This worked, but had the knock on effect of barring many people from making a claim – something that we felt was unfair. Thanks to our service people can make a claim without having to have lots of free money available to do so.

How do you make things easier?

First of all we offer advice and information. This begins with our website and our free 30 second online test. This is a chance to get some answers about your claim and find out more about whether or not you’re entitled to make a claim.

From there you can call one of our advisors and talk through your issues. We’ll listen and give you advice on what you should do next. Most of the time this conversation tells us all we need to know but occasionally it is worth organising a medical assessment to give us a better idea.

We also offer this promise which is important in reducing the perceived risks of making a claim. We will ensure that all the work you do through us is on a no win no fee basis. This means that whatever happens you will only have to pay money if you win your case.

How do you find injury solicitors in Sway

If we think you have a good case we’ll help you find injury solicitors in Sway who we feel are the most appropriate individuals to take your case forward. We have lawyers based all over the country so we can find top notch individuals who can take your case forward.

Where can I learn more?

To find out more about how you can find injury solicitors in Sway call us up now on 0800 689 5659.

Alternatively, you could visit for more information.