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Injury solicitors in Studley

Many people suffer accidents every day and a large number do nothing about it. It is a little-known fact that two and a half million people in the United Kingdom suffer accidents every year through no fault of their own and that only a third actually claim compensation.

If you have suffered an accident then don’t become just another statistic if you want to make a compensation claim and need to speak to the injury solicitors then having a little understanding of compensation claims may help.

Compensation claim facts you may not know

Some other little-known facts about compensation claims are:

  • As little as six percent of the British population understand their legal rights to make a compensation claim.
  • Around nineteen percent of accident sufferers would have no idea how to start a claim and who to speak to.
  • The simple act of making a claim could potentially highlight a dangerous situation that may put others at risk.
  • During 2009/10 over seventy eight thousand claims were made against employers; so if you have suffered an accident at work then don’t be afraid to speak up. You are far from alone.

You have a right to make a claim

Many people injured in accidents that were not their fault do not understand their rights under law and are often afraid to make a claim, because they feel like a fraud or like some type of scammer.

Being injured in an accident that was not your fault means that you are entitled, by law, to make a compensation claim. This is so that you can not only receive compensation for your injuries and any lost wages and expenses that have been created as a result, but also to bring to justice the people responsible and make them liable for their actions.

Making a claim does not have to cost you a lot of money

New legislation means that there is no longer legal aid available for accident victims but many solicitors offer a no win no fee policy that will mean that,should you lose, there will be no fees liable to be paid.

If you should win you are expected to cover twenty five percent of the costs surrounding the case; of course this will come out of the overall payout you receive.

Looking for injury solicitors in Studley

If you want to make a compensation claim but would first like more information on the claims process then you should speak to an expert in the field such as Accident Advice Helpline. With over ten years’ experience in the claims field they employ a large team of specialist solicitors, all of whom offer a no in no fee policy to their clients.

Accident Advice Helpline does not have injury solicitors in Studley working directly for them. However, this doesn’t matter, they can still help you. They are a national personal injury law firm that work with accident victims in all areas of the UK. So if you need injury solicitors in Studley or anywhere else get in touch!

They can be contacted on 0800 689 5659 twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The initial call places you under no obligation so you are free to discuss your circumstances and what your potential for making a successful claim is before you make that decision.

Call us today and find out what you could be entitled to.