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Personal injury solicitor in Scunthorpe

You might be surprised to hear that the heavily industrialised town of Scunthorpe is widely known as an ‘industrial garden town’. It gets its ‘garden’ reputation because it is surrounded by fertile farmland and wooded countryside.

With a population of over 65,000, it’s the administrative centre of the North Lincolnshire Unitary Authority. It’s also the UK’s largest steel processing centre. Ironstone was mined here from 1850, originally using open cast methods until, in the late 1930s, ironstone mining went underground. From the 1970s the steel industry began importing iron ore from abroad because it had a higher iron content, and underground mining finally ceased in Scunthorpe in 1981.

On 27 February 2008 the people of Scunthorpe literally felt the earth move. One of the largest earthquakes ever to occur in Britain, and measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, shook Scunthorpe and the surrounding area. The quake lasted only 10 seconds, but it must have felt a lot longer for those who experienced it.

Perhaps your world has been shaken by an unexpected accident that wasn’t your fault. An accident caused by the negligence and carelessness of someone else. Maybe the ‘aftershock’ of your accident has left you out of pocket, out of work and trying to recover both physically and mentally from the trauma. Looking for a personal injury solicitor in Scunthorpe isn’t easy, so you need a better solution to get recompense for your losses.

If this is your situation you’ll be relieved to hear that Accident Advice Helpline can offer you a one-stop, stress-free and personal legal service to get you the justice you deserve. We’ve been around for over 16 years and have a long list of satisfied customers! Our personal injury solicitors are all experts in getting the compensation that innocent victims of non-fault accidents deserve. We have a great success record and keep our promises, that’s why Dame Health and Safety Executive statistics show that over the course of the last year, 137 people were killed at work and 609,000 employee suffered non-fatal injuries, of which 175,000 resulted in an absence from work exceeding seven days.

If you’ve had any kind of work accident in Scunthorpe, be it in an office, shop, restaurant or in the steel industry, and feel you weren’t to blame, get in touch with Accident Advice Helpline today. You don’t need to find a personal injury solicitor in Scunthorpe on your own, we have the best solicitors on our team who are ready to help you today. Call now to find out more.

Road traffic accident in Scunthorpe

Do you like to check your route before travelling? Then you might already be aware that the A1084 and the A1077 in Lincolnshire are both named on the list of most dangerous roads in the country. The A18 which links Doncaster in South Yorkshire with Ludborough in Lincolnshire runs via Scunthorpe and is reported to be the most dangerous road in Britain. In the space of just two years, there were 11 serious crashes including a fatality on this road.

Much work goes on locally to improve the safety on the road, including various training courses and road safety awareness campaigns. If you live in Scunthorpe, you’ve probably travelled along these roads, and do so regularly and hopefully without incident. However, if you’ve had a road traffic accident in Scunthorpe that wasn’t your fault, you could claim compensation from the person or persons responsible.

A road traffic accident can involve psychological trauma as well as physical injury. Injuries can range from light bruising in a minor shunt to something more serious and life changing. Accident Advice Helpline are right here when you need us following all kinds of accidents on the road. We’ve been able to win compensation for our clients, and that has made all the difference to their recovery.

Our priority is always your health and safety, so get the medical attention you need promptly following your accident and then call us to see how we can help you. Our focus is always on you and with our no win no fee promise you won’t be risking your finances. Call us now for an informal chat about your options, and we’ll be pleased to assist.

Whiplash accident in Scunthorpe

If you’ve been involved in a car crash, it’s very likely that you’ve suffered whiplash. Whiplash is a nasty injury to the neck although you may not realise you’ve had this injury until several hours or even a day after the accident. As your back and neck become more painful and stiffen up, you might find you can’t turn your head in any direction. You may also feel nauseous and have a painful headache. You certainly shouldn’t drive in this condition.

What seemed like a minor shunt back there at the traffic lights has now become a painful injury. If you’re self-employed you may be losing income because you can’t work. If you rely on your car to get the children to school or for work, then you may need to take taxis for some time. This can be an expensive time following that minor shunt.

We always advise our clients to get medically checked out following any kind of accident and particularly for whiplash. You’ll need this medical evidence to support your claim for compensation which we will be able to advise you about if you give us a call. If you’ve had a whiplash accident in Scunthorpe get in touch with the experts at Accident Advice Helpline today and we’ll start work on your claim right away.

Slips, trips and falls in Scunthorpe

The most common type of accident in the UK today is a slip, trip or fall. Happening daily all over the country and causing bruises, bleeding, head injuries and broken limbs, even the most careful of us can become injured through a fall or trip. Sometimes it’s just bad luck, but when someone else put you in danger and caused you to suffer a slip, trip or fall, you shouldn’t feel you have to suffer in silence.

Slips, trips and falls in Scunthorpe are not unusual. Accident Advice Helpline deal with them all the time and can help you with yours too. If someone else was to blame for your accident, then we are the people who can help you get what you deserve by way of compensation.

Why spend time searching for a personal injury solicitor in Scunthorpe when Accident Advice Helpline can do it all for you by telephone? Our service is professional, stress free and comprehensive, helping you to understand the process of making a claim so you can make an informed decision about whether you proceed. Call us today to find out free if you can claim, and see just how easy winning compensation can be.

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