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Injury solicitors in North Tawton

There has recently been a proposal to site another wind farm close to North Tawton in Devon, an idea to which some residents are very opposed. This may be because a handful of scientists have suggested that people who live around wind farms may be more prone to some ailments. Infrasound (sounds at such low frequencies that they can’t be perceived by the human ear, although they can carry through the atmosphere for thousands of kilometres) is believed to cause some respiratory and digestive issues.

Infrasound is associated with wind turbine syndrome, which could manifest itself in symptoms such as headaches, problems with sleep, night terrors in children and learning disabilities. Other symptoms may include dizziness or nausea, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, an inability to concentrate and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Some people also believe that the audible sounds and vibrations caused by wind farms may contribute to some health problems encountered by people who live nearby to them.

However, it is only a few scientists who claim that wind farms may affect health, but there is no doubt that they are better for the planet than traditional methods of generating electricity. However, if it can be proven that your health issues have been caused by them, then you may be seeking a firm of injury solicitors in North Tawton. There are measures which could be taken to protect health, and failure to take these could lead to a spate of personal injury compensation claims against wind farm owners.

Injury solicitors in North Tawton

If there were a firm of injury solicitors in North Tawton, they might rapidly become experts in filing claims against wind farm owners. You may be able to make an injury claim if you can prove that an illness was caused because of the negligence of another person or company. You would usually have three years in which to file a claim after first being diagnosed with an illness of this type, rather than from the date of contraction.

Another reason for seeking injury solicitors

If you have been injured in an accident and you could prove that you were in no way responsible for it, then you may be seeking a firm of injury solicitors in North Tawton. You would have two or three years in which to file such a claim. Check with injury solicitors in North Tawton, or with us here at Accident Advice Helpline, in order to find out how long you have in which to make your particular claim.

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