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Personal injury solicitor in Llanelli

Llanelli is a large town in Carmarthenshire, situated on the West Coast of Wales beside the Loughor Estuary. It is just 12 miles in distance to the west of Swansea. Welsh is still proudly spoken here in a town that has historic links to the coal mining, steel, and tinplate industries.

With a population of some 35,000 people, Llanelli is at present undergoing a facelift, courtesy of a £60-million donation from the regeneration programme. The town currently has five important projects underway, aiming to showcase a wide variety of business, entertainment and leisure facilities that Llanelli benefits from.

The scope of works covers a new theatre and an innovative social enterprise complex to be known as Y Ffwrnes. Llanelli House and the town library are undergoing refurbishment, and construction of a new leisure centre as well as a business and retail park, to be christened “East Gate,” are underway. The town centre itself is also due to have certain improvements carried out in Stepney Street and Vaughan Street. These upgrades include new canopies and lighting.

If you are a sports spectator, you’re in luck. Llanelli is one of the best-known rugby towns in the world, and the Scarlets, the local rugby team, not only have a superb sporting heritage, but they also enjoy passionate local support. Llanelli also has a good football team whose nickname is “the Reds.” They play in the Welsh Premier Football League, and they won the Welsh Cup in 2011.

For those who enjoy walking in the countryside and exploring local wildlife habitats, there is the Millennium Coastal Park; 22 kilometres of beautiful coastline containing a unique combination of tourist attractions.

Whatever activity you undertake, there is almost always a certain amount of risk involved. Even just walking around the shops can result in incidents that cause personal injury, all too often through no fault of the victim themselves. This is why we, here at Accident Advice Helpline, are ready to act as a personal injury solicitor in Llanelli, helping innocent victims to claim compensation.

While some people will use a local law firm, many prefer to use someone like Accident Advice Helpline, often because of our vast experience in the claims industry. With our fully interactive website and national helpline (free if using a landline to make your call), we are, in effect, everyone’s local injury claim specialist, wherever they happen to be in the UK.

Road traffic accidents in Llanelli

With the influx of tourists that visit Llanelli during the summer, road traffic accidents in Llanelli tend to happen more frequently. They often give rise to people needing to find a top injury claim specialist, to help with making a claim for financial compensation. With our nationwide coverage, we help both residents and visitors to get the recompense they are entitled to receive.

If you have been injured, here is a small checklist that you can use to ascertain whether or not your claim would qualify you for financial compensation.

  • Was someone else to blame for the accident in which you were injured? Someone else must be at fault for a compensation claim to take place.
  • Were you given medical treatment for your injury? You can get a retrospective medical check, but one way or another you will need medical proof of your injury.
  • Did the accident happen in the last three years? If the 3-year statute of limitations has expired, you may not be able to register a claim.

Last year alone there were 6,855 injuries on the roads in Wales, 1,108 of which resulted in serious injuries or fatalities. If you are one of the many injury victims of road traffic accidents in Llanelli and you believe you could be entitled to financial compensation, appointing Accident Advice Helpline to act as your personal injury solicitor in Llanelli should be your next step. Call us today,

Whiplash accident in Llanelli

A whiplash accident in Llanelli involving two or more cars can happen at high or low speed. The higher the speed at the point of impact, the more serious the resulting whiplash injury can be. Having said that, a low-speed crash can still leave you with a significant injury that makes any head movement extremely painful.

Tests have shown that a speed of just five miles per hour at the point of impact is enough to cause a whiplash injury that can last for several days. More severe whiplash can last weeks or months, and in some cases victims never fully recover.

Because a whiplash injury is something that can be easily feigned, it is necessary to get a proper medical diagnosis before you can consider starting a claim. Any other proof, such as a police accident report, or photographs of the accident and damage done to any vehicles involved, will also be helpful.

Appointing us at Accident Advice Helpline to assist with your claim following a whiplash accident in Llanelli is a smart move. We have successfully secured financial compensation for thousands of whiplash victim since we first began trading back in the year 2000.

You might ask yourself whether or not it is worth claiming compensation. To find out, you should take our 30-second test™. By answering a few simple questions, you can get an estimate of how much compensation you could be due.

If you call us today and speak to one of our friendly advisors, he/she can walk you through the test.

Slips, trips and falls in Llanelli

Dozens of people are hurt in slips, trips and falls in Llanelli every week. Some of the injuries that are sustained are minor and would not warrant financial compensation. Others, however, can result in more significant injuries such as fractures, head and spinal injuries.

These types of accident can happen anywhere of course; in the home, at work, or when you are out shopping. Raised paving stones on the pavement, for example, are notorious trip hazards.

It could help any claim you raise if you can gather the names and addresses of anyone who saw the incident. If you use Accident Advice Helpline to act as your personal injury solicitor in Llanelli, we will then contact the witnesses and obtain statements from them.

You don’t have to worry about incurring costs and your claim failing. First of all, if we advise you to go ahead and register a claim, it is very unlikely that it will fail; but if it does, for whatever reason, we work on a no win no fee basis. So, why not pick up a phone and call us right now?

Work accident in Llanelli

We are often called upon here at Accident Advice Helpline to help people when they are injured in a work accident in Llanelli. A lot of injury victims don’t like the idea of taking action against their employers because they feel it might hurt their relationship with them.

This is not something you should be worried about. In the first instance, we will handle all of the communication with the employer. In the second place, an employer is not allowed to discriminate against employees for any reason. If they did, they could find themselves in very hot water.

You should also bear in mind that your employer must have liability insurance in place and this is where any compensation comes from – not from the employer’s pocket.

We handle all sorts of work injury claims for our clients, from fall injuries to injuries from unguarded machinery on the factory floor; cases of electrocution, and even food poisoning claims from poor hygiene in the staff canteen.

You can put your trust in Accident Advice Helpline to work diligently on your behalf until your claim is settled, so why not call us today and get things moving?