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Personal injury solicitor in Tynemouth

Situated on a headland over-looking the mouth of the River Tyne and the North Sea, Tynemouth is a large town which encompasses North Shields and Cullercoats. The population is around 70,000 but many more visitors are attracted to the area to enjoy the historic buildings, dramatic views and award-winning beaches.

The heart of the town is referred to as “The village” by local residents, many of whom live in Georgian terraces, Victorian ship-owners’ houses or in 1960s executive homes.

There is a range of tourist accommodation available to suit all budgets and it is a great base for touring the attractions in the area including Longsands Beach which has been voted as one of the best beaches in the UK.

The combination of a prosperous urban environment which is receiving further investment and nearby stunning natural landscapes makes Tynemouth a desirable area to live in and to visit. Most of the time, it is both safe and enjoyable but just like any other town in the UK it can be the location of nasty accidents.

Sustaining an injury in any type of accident can put your life off course for a while and put a large dent in your finances. However, getting injured in an accident that was not your own fault can also be frustrating. You know that someone ese was to blame yet you and your family are paying the price. Many people think that they can only turn to a personal injury solicitor in Tynemouth to help them claim compensation but you also have the option of choosing a leading national law firm. Here at Accident Advice Helpline we have the expertise to help you make a personal injury claim for compensation for your injuries. Give us a call now and we can explain further.

Road traffic accidents in Tynemouth

The A1(M) motorway passes close by the town and Tynemouth is reached from the south by the busy A19 road which is a major trunk road in the north east of England running from Doncaster to Seaton Burn. The road has been named locally as an accident hotspot after a series of collisions. There are up to three fatalities every year and 41 serious accidents according to road safety statistics. The research also showed that ‘driver error’ was to blame in the majority of accidents.

There is no excuse for poor driving. Getting injured in road traffic accidents in Tynemouth is an upsetting experience but getting injured in an accident that was caused by another driver is even worse. Perhaps this has happened to you and you are now looking for a personal injury solicitor in Tynemouth to help you make a personal injury claim. As a highly respected national legal firm, we can offer you solicitors with all the skills needed to fight your corner. We want to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

When we take on your claim, you do not have to compromise on customer care. We put your needs first and ensure that our services are tailored to your individual case and requirements. Give us a call today and we can look into your claim for you.

Whiplash accident in Tynemouth

‘Whiplash’ is a term that you may have read about in relation to road traffic accidents. Whilst it is not strictly a medical term, it is widely used by doctors to describe an injury that occurs frequently in road traffic accidents these days. It is a soft tissue injury which means that the bones are not damaged. Instead, it is the ligaments, muscles and tendons that have been injured. The most common symptoms are neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches.

Whiplash injuries began to be reported in higher numbers when seatbelts became a legal requirement in the UK. They are caused by the transfer of kinetic energy when a vehicle collides with something. Some of the energy is transferred to the occupant’s bodies which are accelerated in one direction and then another because they are strapped into the vehicle. The head does not accelerate at the same rate and so the neck is stretched. A correctly fitted head-rest can help because it stops the head from moving so far away from the body. However, it rarely prevents the injury altogether.

After a whiplash accident in Tynemouth, you can expect to suffer symptoms for a few weeks and perhaps even months. However, around a fifth of patients will still have symptoms a year after the accident.

We can help people who are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Tynemouth because they have whiplash. We have extensive experience in handling this type of claim and we want to use that experience to help you. Pick up the phone and call us today.

Work accident in Tynemouth

A significant proportion of the workforce of Tynemouth work in the administrative and support service sector. These are predominantly office based jobs and some are located in the town centre whilst others are located in the nearby towns of Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne. Around 14 per cent of the workforce find employment in offices compared to a national average 9 per cent.

A similar proportion of the workforce are employed in the wholesale and retail trade sector and the Beacon Shopping Centre provides many part-time and full-time retail jobs.

Working in an office or a shop is not usually thought of as a high-risk occupation but statistics collected by the Health and Safety Executive report that the there are up to 1,560 injuries per 100,000 employees in this sector each year. This is not significantly higher than other type of employment but that is no comfort if you are one of the injured workers.

Perhaps you have experienced a work accident in Tynemouth in an office or a shop because your employer did not prioritise health and safety in your workplace. All employers have a duty to safeguard your safety whilst you are at work. The exact measures that they have to take will vary by workplace but it will usually be a combination of appropriate training, safe and well-maintained equipment, risk assessments and safe working practices.

If you have suffered a work accident because any of these are lacking, you may be able to start a personal injury claim. However, you will require some expert legal advice to do so. We can provide you with a specialist work place injury solicitor so that your case stands the best chance of winning. Why not call us now?

Slips, trips and falls in Tynemouth

Slips, trips and falls can happen at home, at work or when you are out and about. They are one of the most common types of accidents to happen and yet they are also fairly straightforward to prevent.

Many slip or trip accidents could have been prevented. Slip accidents tend to happen because of spillages and splashes of liquids, wet floors, changing from a wet to a dry surface and even dusty floors. On the other hand, trips are often caused by obstructions and objects being left in locations where they should simply not be.

The organisations that operate public spaces should be doing all they can to prevent this sort of accident. They should be clearing away spillages, indicating wet floors with signage and introducing appropriate cleaning routines.

If you are one of the people who have suffered slips, trips and falls in Tynemouth, when you look back at your accident you may find that someone else was at fault. Perhaps you are paying the price for someone else’s carelessness?

We want to help you redress the balance. If you are looking for a personal injury solicitor because you want to start a claim, get in touch today to discuss your options. Call us for more information.

We take on the stress

At Accident Advice Helpline we understand that it is extremely stressful to get injured in an accident that was caused by another person. We want to help by getting you the financial compensation that you deserve. It will not make the injury disappear but it can help you to cope with your change in circumstances.

We have perfected our systems over the last 16 years or so and now we can offer a personal injury claim service with minimum stress. All of the legal technicalities and correspondence will be dealt with by our legal team. If you just want to find out more about how the process works, give us a call on 0800 689 5659 for a chat. We are waiting to help.