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Personal injury solicitor in Tonbridge

Tonbridge in Kent is located on the River Medway, just north of Tunbridge Wells. Tonbridge has had a very peppered history with riots and battles for various different reasons. It is also the place where the first speeding fine in the country was issued. The madcap driver was doing 8mph in a 2mph zone.

The town is primarily a market town, with many attractions that bring thousands of visitors throughout the year. The Castle Gatehouse is a popular tourist attraction dating back to the 1100’s. The town itself has more than one shopping centre, but is also quite close to the major shopping areas in Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone.

The Tonbridge Railway station is one of the busiest in Kent, with over four million passengers using it every year. The town is also well served with numerous bus routes, and has major roads running through it for those travelling by car.

With over 40,000 residents and thousands of visitors, Tonbridge is a thriving and busy location where sometimes an accident can happen. If you are one of the unlucky people who have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be looking for a personal injury solicitor in Tonbridge to help you make a claim for compensation. Your search can stop now, as here at Accident Advice Helpline, we can deal with your personal injury claim no matter where in the UK you are located.

With over 16 years of experience in personal injury claims, we have already helped many thousands of innocent accident victims to win the compensation they deserved, and we are here to help you too. Call us today to talk about your accident and injuries.

Road traffic accidents in Tonbridge

Tonbridge is served by the A21 road from London to Hastings and the A26 between Maidstone and Brighton. It is also close to the M25 motorway. The High Street is a B-road running straight through the centre of the town, and this has been the site of several accidents over the last three years.

When road traffic accidents in Tonbridge happen, many of them are minor bumps caused by drivers getting frustrated in the rush hour, or not being quite as aware as they should be. Poor concentration and heavy traffic can also cause very serious accidents on the road, many of which are due to driver error.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident that was the fault of someone else, in addition to the pain and suffering you may be experiencing, you could also have financial difficulties. For example, if your income has dropped because you had to take time off work, or because of the expenses of prescriptions and specialist treatment.

Any costs and losses that are accident related can be recouped, if your personal injury claim is successful. Be sure to record everything you have to spend because of your injuries, and keep receipts wherever possible.

You have three years after the accident to get your claim started, but the sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner you could have your compensation. Why not give us a call today?

Whiplash accident in Tonbridge

You may be searching for a personal injury solicitor in Tonbridge because you want to claim compensation for a whiplash accident that someone else caused. Whiplash can be more painful than you realise, and can turn your life upside down until you have recovered. When someone else is to blame for your whiplash accident in Tonbridge, it is only fair that you be compensated.

Most whiplash injuries will heal within a few weeks, but if you are one of the unlucky victims that is suffering from chronic whiplash, it could last for months. In that time, you may not be able to enjoy your life as you normally would, and that can lead to stress and anxiety on top of your pain.

We believe that every victim should have the same access to the justice they deserve, so we will not ask you to pay us any money to start you claim, or send you a bill for our legal fees if you claim is lost. Call today and ask how our no win no fee agreement can finance your claim.

Work accident in Tonbridge

Tonbridge has a lower than national average unemployed, partly because of the large numbers of jobs in retail and light manufacturing industries. Construction jobs and transportation workers are also above the national averages, and these sectors all help to keep unemployment low and the town thriving.

Employers must keep your workplace safe, and they can face the wrath of the Health and Safety Executive if you suffer a work accident in Tonbridge because of their negligence. They may also have to face a personal injury claim, if you decide you wish to seek compensation.

Injuries from work accidents are one of the most common reasons compensation claims are made. Do not worry that your claim will affect the finances of your employer as, like with most accident situations, they will be insured for such eventualities.

Our friendly advisors are here to give you all the free advice you need to be able to make an informed decision regarding whether to proceed or not. Speaking with them puts you under no obligation or pressure, so give us a call today.

Slips, trips and falls in Tonbridge

Slips, trips and falls in Tonbridge can have a significant effect on the life of the victim. Not all accidents of this type are simple, and not all of them are the victim’s fault either.

If you trip over a broken paving slab into the road, a car might not be able to avoid hitting you. If you fall down a hole because the cover has been left off an opening to a cellar, you could be very seriously injured. There are hundreds of ways that victims are injured in slips, trips and fall accidents that were not their own fault.

If this has happened to you, don’t spend hours searching for a personal injury solicitor in Tonbridge. Make life easier for yourself and call the experts at Accident Advice Helpline. We are able to deal with most claims over the phone, so call us today to get your claim started.

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