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Injury solicitors in Strachur

If you, or a member of your family have suffered an accident and been injured then visiting the accident and emergency department will probably be necessary. The routine in any accident and emergency room is the same unless you have been admitted by ambulance in which case you will be taken straight to the doctors.

On arrival you have to register the patient at the reception desk, take a seat and then be called into something called triage. Triage nurses make a quick assessment of your injuries and how urgently you need attention; if you are in a lot of pain they will offer you pain relief while you wait. Then you return to the waiting room to be seen by the doctors.

You should be prepared to wait for some time if your injuries are minor. While you are waiting you can consider your option to make a compensation claim through a firm of injury solicitors in Strachur. Strachur may well have a choice for you and you may see local companies advertising in the hospital waiting room.

Injury solicitors in Strachur: Simple first aid tips

If you have suffered an accident and do not need to call an ambulance then there are some basic first aid procedures that can help you while you are waiting to go to the hospital.

  • Injured limbs should be raised as this will help keep swelling to a minimum. Try and keep the limb as still as possible.
  • A cold compress will help reduce swelling.This can be just a wet cloth, but a useful tool is a bag of frozen peas as these mould to the contours of the body. Always place a cloth underneath the bag so that the ice does not burn your skin. Don’t exert any pressure.
  • Bleeding wounds should be covered with a dressing and a light but firm bandage. The pressure will help stem the flow of blood. Bad wounds need to be stitched quickly so don’t delay in getting help if the wound is bad.
  • Do not clean any wounds with anything other than salt water as other substances may affect the treatments they will use at the hospital.
  • Don’t take any medication either as this may affect the pain relief the hospital can give you.

If you choose to visit a local doctor rather than the hospital then you can follow the same basic advice before leaving home and you will be able to take some mild pain relief but always remember to inform the doctor what you have taken and when. Your injury solicitors in Strachur will want to see a note of any medical treatment you have received.

Get good advice before you begin

If you want to discuss your injuries and the likelihood of making a claim through injury solicitors in Strachur or elsewhere then why not call Accident Advice Helpline and get some no-obligation advice. Call 0800 689 5659 today.