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Personal injury solicitor in Pontyclun

The village of Pontyclun is less than half an hour away from the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, and is fast becoming the location of choice for young professionals and families. From its humble beginnings as a village with a mere five or six households, it expanded rapidly during the industrial revolution to become a bustling Victorian industrial town typical of South Wales. The Victorian residents were employed in mining and manufacture, but the current influx of families on the other hand, are more likely to commute to Cardiff by road or rail and work in the service and retail sectors.

Being conveniently located close to the M4, many visitors choose Pontyclun as a base to explore the beautiful South Wales area. With around 8,000 permanent residents and numerous tourists every year, the future is looking good for Pontyclun. Sadly, however, accidents are just as likely to occur here as they are at any other up and coming location in the UK. Wherever there is a high volume of commuters and a compact density of people, the risk of accidents increases.

Victims of such accidents are left to cope with an unpleasant cocktail of pain, inconvenience and financial challenges. Yet, all of this can be down to someone else’s carelessness or inattention. Accidents are disastrous at the best of times, but when they are caused by someone else they are particularly unpleasant.

This is exactly the sort of situation that our expert solicitors can help with. Did you realise that you are not limited to using a personal injury solicitor in Pontyclun, but can use a solicitor from our highly respected national personal injury law firm? We can handle all of the legal aspects of your case with exceptionally high standards of customer service and attention to detail.

Road traffic accidents in Pontyclun

As a commuter town, there will inevitably be certain times of the day when a large volume of people are trying to make their way in or out of the area. This is when the opportunities for road traffic collisions reach a peak.

With so many young families in the area, it is a sad fact that road traffic accidents in Pontyclun could involve children. Whilst the number of children seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents fell by 6 per cent in the year to 2015, many children are still injured on our roads every year. In fact, just under 16,000 were injured during 2016. The pattern throughout Wales is that more children are hurt on the roads during the evening school run than at any other time of day, and nearly a quarter of them were hurt between the hours of 3pm and 5pm.

No matter how safe a driver you try to be yourself, when an accident is caused by the actions of another person, it can be difficult to avoid. If this has happened to you, we at Accident Advice Helpline can help you to get the compensation that you all deserve. It is our job to be on your side and fight your corner, and you won’t even need to pay anything upfront because of our no win no fee agreement. Call us today and find out just how easy it can be to make a claim.

Whiplash accident in Pontyclun

Any sort of impact in a vehicle exerts large forces on the human body. Some parts of the body are more vulnerable to injury than others. Due to our anatomy, our seating position and the way in which a human body moves during an impact, the neck is very prone to damage. The typical injury to the neck and upper back, often sustained in a road traffic accident, is known as whiplash.

Whiplash is a collection of symptoms, often including neck pain and stiffness resulting in a loss of movement, although it’s rare for these to be the only symptoms suffered. Many people also report pins and needles in their arms, headaches and dizziness. Both genders and people of all ages can suffer from whiplash, but the symptoms are often more severe in females. It is possible to suffer whiplash in a low speed impact, and even if your car was stationary when it was hit by another vehicle.

Following an accident, it is important not to assume that you are uninjured even if you feel relatively okay. Whiplash symptoms can develop the day after the accident, and should not be dismissed as a trivial injury; it is important to get checked out by a doctor. They can give you the very best advice on how you can look after your body as you are recovering.

Claiming for a whiplash accident in Pontyclun is a specialised area of personal injury law and should only be handled by an expert legal professional. You may be unsure that a personal injury solicitor in Pontyclun has the necessary skills to handle your case effectively. Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we have all the expertise you need to bring your case to a successful conclusion, so call today and we’ll start work on your case right away.

Work accident in Pontyclun

With so many young families living in Pontyclun, the popularity of take-away food is increasing, especially at weekends. As a result, this sector provides employment for many of the town’s residents and weekend work for students and older school children. A commercial kitchen presents multiple hazards to workers, and many catering employees are injured every year because of poor health and safety practices.

Across the county of Rhondda Cynon Taf, a higher than average number of people work in the manufacturing industry, and around one in twenty works in construction. Both these industries have been identified by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as being more prone to accidents, and more serious accidents too.

Whether you work in a ‘risky’ occupation or not, you have a right to expect to be kept safe at work. All employers have a duty of care to their employees, which may mean undertaking risk assessments, providing protective equipment and ensuring adequate training is provided. Health and safety support is given by the local Rhondda Cynon Taf council, who offer a wealth of advice on risk assessment and management.

Perhaps you were not given sufficient training by your employer and were injured as a result? We can help you to claim compensation for injuries sustained in a work accident in Pontyclun if you feel your accident was not your fault. Our expert solicitors can build a case on your behalf, and ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. This sends an important message to all employers: employee health and safety should be a priority.

Contact our friendly, discreet telephone advisors today for a confidential chat about your situation.

Slips, trips and falls in Pontyclun

A typical family activity in Pontyclun is to go for a walk to get some fresh and exercise, and to let the children explore the local environment. The whole point of a walk is that it does you good, so the last thing you want is for a family member to suffer a slip, trip or fall while they are out and about.

Not all trips and falls are your own fault. If you fell over something that should not have been there, or slipped on a surface that was poorly maintained, then your fall was not your fault. Public and private organisations who are responsible for public areas have a duty to make sure that they are kept safe and free from risks. This includes:

  • Regular checking to identify potential hazards
  • Appropriate reporting mechanisms so that reports of faults are acted upon
  • Use of appropriate construction materials
  • Provision of adequate lighting
  • Suitable maintenance

There is a lot of common sense involved in preventing slips, trips and falls in Pontyclun; keeping people safe isn’t rocket science! Getting injured in a nasty fall is no laughing matter, and can result in serious injuries, long stays in hospital and extended periods off work. We want to support you in your recovery by helping you claim the compensation that you deserve. Call us now for more advice, and to find out free if you can claim.

Getting the compensation you deserve

The last thing we want to do is add to your stress levels, so we offer legal help on a no win no fee basis so that you can be sure that you are making the right decision. Our Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) means that we will not charge you for legal services if you are not successful with your claim.

If you are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Pontyclun and want your case in the best possible hands, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us today on 0800 689 5659. We are waiting to help.