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Personal injury solicitor in Paisley

Paisley, probably best known for the origin of its Paisley patterned shawls, is one of the largest towns in Scotland. The town has a rich history and has been chosen as one of five cities to compete for the 2021 UK City of Culture award.

Paisley, is home to St Mirin football club, the name of which has been taken from the town’s patron saint. Easily accessible from the M8, Paisley has a variety of shopping choices. There are the Piazza and Paisley shopping malls, and to keep shoppers refreshed, there are also a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants

In terms of economics, the public sector is a large employer, as is Renfrewshire Council, the University of Scotland, West College Scotland (previously known as Reid Kerr College). Other significant employers include the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Glasgow International Airport, which is situated on the outskirts of Paisley, is also one of the major employers in the area.

How Accident Advice Helpline can act as your personal injury solicitor in Paisley

With a reasonably large population (approximately 77,000) and a wide range of working and social activities, accidents in which people get injured through no fault of their own are bound to happen. When they do, many of the innocent injury victims turn to Accident Advice Helpline for guidance and help.

We here at Accident Advice Helpline work on a nationwide basis, and thanks to the Internet, our state-of-the-art website, and the widespread use of mobile telephones and other devices, we can act as swiftly and effectively as any personal injury solicitor in Paisley or Penzance; in fact wherever you may happen to be.

Road traffic accidents in Paisley

Road traffic accidents in Paisley are unfortunately quite common. Many of them happen in and around the town itself, and also roads to and from the M8 motorway. In 2016, in Scotland as a whole, there were a total of 10,881 road casualties. This total includes 191 fatalities, 1,693 serious injuries and 8,997 lesser injuries.

Whatever the nature of your road injury, if it was serious enough to warrant medical attention, it happened in the past three years and it was not your fault, you are likely to have a viable personal injury claim for a significant amount of compensation.

RTAs are one of the main categories of accidents that Accident Advice Helpline assists people with. If you appoint us as your personal injury solicitor in Paisley, you can be sure that you will be given expert advice and help. As this help and advice is free of charge, you can call our national helpline for an informative chat with one of our friendly advisors. They will answer any questions you have and help to start a claim if you wish to do so.

Whiplash accident in Paisley

Although the most common cause of whiplash injury is being involved in a car crash, there are others causes too. If for example, someone of something hits you or collides with you and your head and neck are violently, and uncontrollably thrown backwards and forwards, this can also constitute a whiplash accident in Paisley or of course anywhere else.

The injury may not immediately be felt. It is quite common for it to manifest itself the next day after you have slept and rested. While your head and neck are relatively still as you sleep, stiffening builds up, and when you wake-up next day, any neck movement will be extremely painful.

If an injury is severe enough, it may prevent you from going to work, and this could lead to a loss of earnings. If this is the case, don’t worry. You should be able to claim any loss back.

As with any injury you wish to claim compensation for, you will need a medical diagnosis to confirm the nature and severity of your condition. We will ask you to supply this to us before we go ahead and register a claim on your behalf. If you haven’t got proof, call us immediately, and we can chat to you about getting it retrospectively.

Slips, trips and falls in Paisley

Many people are injured in slips, trips and falls in Paisley, some more seriously than others. Minor scuffs and scratches are of little concern and they are not worth trying to claim for. But, if you fracture a bone or bang your head, that can be debilitating and can have nasty consequences. If you hit your head and get concussed or lose consciousness, you should see a doctor.

Slip trip and fall accidents can happen in public places or at work. Either way, if someone else is to blame, and you suffer a serious injury, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are at fault if you failed to see something and then consequently tripped over it. Okay, you might have been slightly careless, but the fact of the matter is that any obstacle that people can fall over should not be left out anyway. Whoever left the hazard there is responsible, and that gives you the right to claim compensation.

Sometimes an injury can have cost implications. It may involve travelling expenses for physiotherapy for example. You may have to buy support bandages, or, if you have a really serious injury that puts you in a wheelchair, you may have to modify your home. All of these expenses can be claimed back.

With any sort of accident and injury, you should talk to Accident Advice Helpline straight away. Yes, legally you have up to three years in which to register a claim, but the longer you leave it, the more difficult it can be. You might even forget. So, don’t delay – call us today.

Work accident Paisley

If you get hurt in a work accident in Paisley, don’t be afraid to claim. A lot of people get nervous about claiming compensation from their employers, but there is no need. First of all, we here at Accident Advice Helpline will do all the communicating with your employer. You don’t have to get involved unless the claim goes to court, which is extremely unlikely.

Some injuries in the workplace are the result of repetitive movements. But you have a right to be protected against such injuries. An employer should carry out risk assessments. These are designed to spot any potential hazards; even working from a desk.

If a work-station hasn’t been correctly set-up, and appropriate ergonomic furniture has not been issued, your employer is responsible for any injuries that ensue.

Regarding factory or warehouse manual work, all employees should be properly trained. If training is not available or hasn’t been carried out correctly, once again an employer is liable for any injuries that arise.

Your employer must not discriminate against you just because you are claiming compensation. If they do, you can sue. Don’t forget that all employers have to have liability insurance, and it is this insurance which pays out any compensation. It doesn’t come out of your employer’s pocket, so there is no need to feel awkward.

Let us act on your behalf

If you do find yourself in need of a personal injury solicitor in Paisley or elsewhere, call Accident Advice Helpline and let us act on your behalf. Remember that we have a national presence, and as such we assist people anywhere here in the UK.

Our helpline numbers are 0800 689 5659.

However you decide to call us, please do so today. The sooner we can register your claim, the sooner you could be in receipt of your financial compensation.