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Injury solicitors in Newtownstewart

Newtownstewart in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland has a golf course of the same name which is celebrating its centenary in 2014. You may think that a round of golf is a fairly tame pastime, but these days a golfer would be wise to take out insurance, not just for golf clubs and so on, but as a safeguard against a personal injury compensation claim. You can get coverage for under £100 which will cover you for dental treatment, public liability claims and personal accidents. If you were injured on a golf course, you could be searching for a firm of injury solicitors in Newtownstewart or elsewhere, in order to make a personal injury compensation claim either against a golfer, or the golf course owner.

Golfing accidents

UK statistics show that around 12,000 golfers have hospital treatment every year because of an accident on a golf course. Just in one year, 3,500 head injuries were reported as having occurred on golf courses. In most cases, it would be possible to prove that a golfer was responsible for your injury if you were hit by a golf ball. However, the golf course may have a faulty course design, in which case an injured golfer could make a personal injury compensation claim against the golf club owner as well as the unfortunate golfer who hit the ball. Golf courses must adhere to the guidelines laid down by the Health and Safety rules and regulations and failure to comply with these can leave an owner open to public liability claims.

Injury solicitors in Newtownstewart

Of course, it’s not just injured golfers who have potential personal injury compensation claims to make. You could be seeking a firm of injury solicitors in Newtownstewart (or one based anywhere else in the British Isles) if you have been injured in any type of accident which you can prove was not your fault. Usually, you have three years in which to make a claim. As you only have two years to claim for some accidents and injuries, you should check to find out precisely how long you have to claim for your specific injuries. You can obtain this information from a firm of injury solicitors in Newtownstewart, or ones based elsewhere. you can also call us at Accident Advice Helpline on one of our helpline numbers for this information.

You may also be seeking injury solicitors in Newtownstewart, for example, if you have been diagnosed with an illness which you can prove was caused by another person’s negligence. You have three years from the date of your first diagnosis in which to file your claim.

Accident Advice Helpline

If you need help and expert legal advice in order to make a personal injury compensation claim, call us at Accident Advice Helpline Our freephone numbers are 0800 689 5659. For expert legal advice, call us now.